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Amber is a normal eighteen year old girl, until a run-in with starving vampires accidentally turns her into a Grue, a creature that must feed only on living human flesh.


Amber is an eighteen-year-old girl who is just beginning to accept that she is an adult, but then an encounter with starving vampires set her down a dark path. Bled nearly to the point of death, she is offered a chance to survive by one of the vampires, but something goes horribly wrong. Amber, instead of becoming a vampire herself, is transformed into a Grue, a creature that appears perfectly human but must feed on living human flesh in order to survive.

Stronger than any vampire, never sleeping at all, a Grue can go no longer than three days without feeding or risk insanity, ravenously attacking anyone who comes near. It is the only thing a vampire truly fears, but these vampires are wise enough to know that Amber will need help that she is to survive at all. They take her in and make her part of their family, teaching her to hunt and feed on her own in return for her watching over them while they sleep away the day.

But then Amber comes face-to-face with the widow and children of one of her victims. A choice has to be made, and she has to decide whether she wants to continue living, or would prefer to be destroyed.

With the help of the vampires and some new mortal friends, Amber finds a way to cope with her new nature by feeding on the most evil people she can find. By doing so, she comes to think of herself as a form of justice, rather than as a monster.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Abigail Breslin
    Abigail Breslin as Amber
    Female 18 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Josh Duhamel
    Josh Duhamel as Horace Longhaven
    Male mid 30's Years old
    © Getty Images
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