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Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Built upon the rubble of Charlotte, this story takes place is what is often called the pillar, as it is built above ground level, in and is built very vertically. With the city layered, and all buildings clawing at each other, to be higher than the others. The name also refers to the pillar of creation, as it is a new beginning for humanity.

Distant Future

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In the distant future,humans are put into simulations of life upon birth, to grant them wisdom and cut down on crime. Until one man is arc flashed, disintegrated by electricity, and becomes trapped in his. After what felt like thousands of years to him, he was able to escape, and wreak havoc on whats left of humanity.


The story is set well into the future, in what was once Charlotte. The few cities that still function are built upon platforms way above earths surface; where the buildings pile atop each other. Cities were forced to be elevated above earth's surface, due to the constant earthquakes that are a result of fracking. In these cities,the bottom half of society lives closer to the bottom of the platform, while the elite live at the top. When the people first moved atop this platform, crime rampant due to the close proximity they all lived to each other. When it seemed like the light was fading for society, the top minds that were in the city met, and thought of a solution. Before long, after what felt like and eternity to them, they had created the necessary technology to follow through with their plan. They created a simulation more advanced than any one made before it. This was their final attempt at saving the city, humanity itself hinged on this idea. Upon birth, children are put into the simulation, entering a coma-like state, where they can only function in the sim. The sim starts just like a life would now, they're raised, and live a full life in a matter of three months. However the men and women behind this idea had a much darker, hidden motive behind this. If you lived a life deemed successful in the sim, you lived the high life when you exited the sim. If you committed crimes, or otherwise wasted your life, you lived in the bottom half of society. Each person was given a score when they completed the sim, the higher the score, the more successful your sim was. A high score was required to be entitled to things in life, from nicer living quarters to jobs. This plan worked well, until an unlikely event happened. A boy was arc flash; vaporized by electricity, but his consciousness left in the sim. He lived in the sim for what felt like thousands of years , as time moves slower in the real world. He began to lose his mind, until he realized he was able to force his consciousness into other electronics. Before long, he had read every dark secret the city had to offer, but one sent him over the edge of the abyss; one made him fully lose the rest of his sanity. The elite were aware he was locked in the sim, and had the choice to rescue him, but they chose not to. They wanted to study him, they wanted to see how a truly psychotic man acted. He soon learned ways he could impact the city, and intended on showing them just how crazy he could be. He intended to make them , along with the rest of humanity suffer. He intended to make them like him. It was up to the multiple protagonists Arc Flash follows to save humanity. Some of them knew each other , some never even passed each other on the sidewalk, but they each had their own impact on the outcome of the city. Arc Flash is not simply about a mad man that seeks to inflict pain, it is about how every person helps weave the story of life, whether we know it or not.

  • Jonathan Schork

    Jonathan Schork this is fascinating. have you worked on any literary content for it (a novel or collection of short stories)? very well thought out...

    3 years ago -

  • Ronald Karasz

    Ronald Karasz Parker, this is really cool. I really like it.

    3 years ago -

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    Tom Hardy as The Being
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  • Taylor Kitsch
    Taylor Kitsch as Harper
    Male 27 Years old

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