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Washington, United States

The cascade mountains to the south and east of Seattle, an old growth temperate rainforest full of active volcanoes, including Mt. Rainier and Mt. St. Helens.

Recent Past

1990s, when the conflict between loggers and "tree-huggers" was at its peak.
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Bigfoot: Elusive man-beast? Or campfire folklore? Anthropologist, Samantha Ward’s encounter with the creature as a little girl has left her obsessed with proving its existence, even at the cost of her career. But the truth she uncovers about herself may be the biggest revelation of all.


Sammy Ward is a 40 something anthropologist and university professor who gets denied tenure due to her unabashed belief in Bigfoot. As a fatherless little girl in Washington state, she was once found high in a tree and claimed she was put there by a “giant.” The summer after she is denied tenure, a graduate student, Terence, joins on as Sammy’s intern in the south Cascades of the Pacific Northwest, a mysterious landscape with miles and miles of mountains, lava caves and old-growth forests. Sammy’s new goal is to tranquilize a Bigfoot and extract blood for DNA analysis to prove she isn’t crazy. Terence tells Sammy he is gay, which, along with his environmental views, puts him at odds with Sammy’s logger friend, Dan. Dan is a father figure of sorts to Sammy, having taught her how to box and shoot. At one point, Sammy is being watched by a huge Native-American man with a wolf tattoo. That night, Sammy and Terence are driving on a logging road when an upright, furry creature crosses in front of them. Giving chase, Sammy darts the creature, who turns out to be her long lost father, Dave, in an ape suit. He tells them that upon returning from Viet Nam, he took to the woods and became an eco-terrorist. He claims the timber industry is conspiring to hide Bigfoot’s existence so as to prevent conservation measures. He says an agent called the “Big Bad Wolf” has been assigned to track Sammy’s progress. Sammy furiously defends her logger friends and questions Dave’s sanity even as she begins to admire him. Days later, Sammy and Terence track and dart a Bigfoot, which flips Sammy’s jeep before escaping. That night, a suspicious Terence confronts Dave, who admits the attack was staged by a friend of his. Though Dave swears Bigfoot exists, he admits also to being the giant from Sammy’s childhood since that was the only way to see her after her mother got a restraining order. He begs Terence not to tell Sammy. Sammy is about to take a shower when Terence gets to her place. Unable to hold back, he kisses her on the lips. Sammy goes with it momentarily before stopping and reminding Terence he is gay. Terence reveals he is the “Big Bad Wolf” and that the whole gay grad student thing was a ruse. He tells Sammy Bigfoot is a hoax and Dave was her childhood giant. Then, when he tries to attack Sammy, Dan shows up and kills him with an ax. Sammy forces Dave to take her to his friend, who turns out to be the enormous Native-American man, John. But when John denies he could flip a jeep, her hopes for finding Bigfoot rebound (though the possibility it was John is never ruled out). Dave tells her where to find the creature, but when she enters the woods that night, she leaves her dart gun behind. Sammy reemerges a week later but won’t tell Dan what happened. Her conflicts with Dan come to a head when, for the first time, she challenges his attitude toward old growth forests. When she tells him she may have proof Bigfoot exists, he advises her to disappear “before someone makes ya’.” The next day, Dan has been ordered by forces unknown to kill the local Bigfoot but instead shoots Dave in his suit. When Sammy and John find Dan in the woods burying Dave, Dan realizes John is the other eco-terrorist and kills him too. Making use of the boxing skills Dan taught her, Sammy manages to knock Dan off the ridge, killing him, though not before she tells him that when she was in the woods for a week, she “got” Bigfoot’s DNA. Months later--as tabloids announce that a woman bearing “Bigfoot’s love-child” is a fugitive from the C.I.A.--we see a pregnant Sammy on a bus heading toward a lone, bright star in the sky. The end.

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  • Carrie-Anne Moss
    Carrie-Anne Moss as Sammy Ward
    Female 40s Years old

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