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Posted: Jun 05, 2017
2 Appreciations


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Unspecified Screen / Theatrical Television
Distant Future

A coming-of-age story set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting. The protagonist is a teenage girl forced to grow up too quickly to survive and protect what remains of her family.

In a not too distant future, a nuclear war has decimated mankind. Three centuries later, survivors live barricaded in cities controlled by the Human Empire, while the inhabitants of the countryside have been mutated by radiation and live in the forests surrounding urban settlements, waging war on the humans. When both her parents die in a fire, Julia is left to cope alone with a highly bureaucratic and regulated system, with very few select allies. As her loyalty undergoes increasingly harder tests, Julia draws attention to herself with her cold blood and fierce resolve in battle. Constantly on the edge between independent spirit and military discipline, Julia will have to decide how to use the power that has been granted her.

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Oscar Marruecos

Thanks so much, looks cooler this way! Great book!

Fabia Scali-warner

Thanks for that! I had some problems selecting the right pages to show, hopefully it works now.

Oscar Marruecos

Seems really good! I saw your book cover and looks way better than the picture you have... also the PDF has no content from the book and I would like to read a couple pages.

Cast Wish-List

© Getty Images

Ella Purnell as Julia Mayne

Gender:Female | Age:18
Julia is the protagonist of the story. She has short black hair and a piercing gaze. While physical...
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© Getty Images

Alycia Debnam-Carey as Cleo Mayne

Gender:Female | Age:16
Julia's sister. With her blonde curls and green eyes, she looks like a gentler, calmer version...
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© Getty Images

Wil Wheaton as Secretary Marcus

Gender:Male | Age:40
Imperial advisor and Julia's mentor. With his air of intellectual confidence and kind hazel ey...
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© Getty Images

Remy Hii as X39 (John)

Gender:Male | Age:22
Julia's partner. His dark, brooding eyes are a signal of his melancholy. He is keeping a secre...
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