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San Luis, Argentina

This story has several locations but the primary one is Argentina due to the Germans who settled there when fleeing Germany during WWII. We picked up on a rogue group that was rumored to escape. The battle using supercomputers is expanded in this book.

Present Day

This is present day technology that leverages Big Data, analytics, and evolving algorithms which impact consumers across all digital transactions. The ability to steal our choices and our future is staring us right in the face daily.
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The R-Group is hunting evil supercomputers that manipulating the future. It’s up to Jacob, Quip, EZ, and other members of the R-Group to neutralize these threats, even as they navigate their own romances and complex relationships. A difficult task when a traitor lurks among them.


A brilliant mathematician and spoiled rich girl, Gretchen, is focused on harnessing Big Data and computing power to control the world stock markets not only to optimize her family’s wealth but also to control the future.

As a descendent of the Nazi Werewolf Clan, is Gretchen being maneuvered into leveraging unlimited computer power along with the ethical nihilism to manipulate lives, or just stretching her genius?

Is Gretchen working alone or is she adding additional computing sources from the Dark Net?

The R-Group, a high-level information gathering and security team, composed of Quip, Otto, Jacob, and Petra along with Julie and Juan’s fledgling group of Cyber Assassin Technology Services teams are trying to isolate the source of the massive computing power required.

Could these cyber schemers be as good at analyzing the information as the R-Group themselves?

Are people unwittingly feeding an ever-growing tsunami of information into increasingly sophisticated computer systems? This begs the question: who controls whom?

Breakfield and Burkey shared their 5th book, The Enigma Stolen, from their award-winning series focused on the relevant world of Big Data and analytics. This one will make you ask who are the winners when humans are herded to a machine's targeted end point?

What Readers are Saying
Kirkus “The covert Werewolf Clan, with ties to Nazis, may be responsible and has been using a computer program to accurately predict stock futures. But it has an even more ambitious plan to link supercomputers around the world and potentially manipulate the future.”

“Wow this series gets better and better with every book I feel. Stakes are high in this one. More people are using the technology to hire assassins to go after high profile people.”

“Yes, I am hooked. I love the way the plot twists and turns throughout the book. As one completes, another arises.”

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Cast Wish-List
  • Willem Dafoe
    Willem Dafoe as Sönders Schmidt
    Male 70 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Kirsten Dunst or Summer Glau
    Kirsten Dunst or Summer Glau as Gretchen Schmidt
    Female 22 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jeremy Renner
    Jeremy Renner as Brayson Morris
    Male 30's Years old
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