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Galway, Ireland

An Irish financial institution is one target that allows insight into not only the results of the ghost code, but also some of the social engineering leverage for the initial delivery. There is also a small dose of Irish humor.

Present Day

This is current day cyber attacks that are occurring across the world to some of the most vulnerable infrastructures. The code is delivered covertly and the results are devastating depending on the attack vector. Locations include Ireland, Brazil, South America, Europe, and Texas. Smart cars and aircraft are a portion of the exploited focus
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Two Dark Net shadowy types have launched the Ghost Code computer virus to hold Banks, hydro-electric dams, and even aircraft hostage. The R-Group is brought in to trap the destructive, vanishing virus and put an end to the reign of terror from its handlers. Too many lives are at stake if they fail


Random events at a Brazilian hydroelectric plant, Irish financial institution, and Texas winery seem connected by an insidious virus hack which attacks system vulnerabilities then vanishes without a trace. Are these all a glimpse of the new viral danger of the Ghost Code designed for devastation on a personal and industrial level?

A new mysterious pair of cyber pirates, known only as Mephisto and Callisto, seems to be behind the plot to deliver these destructive payloads for computer domination. While their agenda appears to be just blackmail for financial gain, their true goals might be far more menacing and capricious in nature.

In an intriguing game of digital cat and mouse with assassins from the Dark Net, the R-Group's technology experts Jacob, Petra, and Quip find themselves pitted against their most nefarious enemies to date. Stretching their considerable talents to the max, they struggle to track down the source of the Ghost Code and craft a solution that will secure global technology infrastructure.

The award-winning authors, Breakfield and Burkey, serve up yet another captivating techno-thriller 4th novel, The Enigma Wraith, as their blend of real technology laced with travel, romance, and humor to succeed against the looming catastrophe.

What Readers are Saying
Kirkus “Another stellar installment. Breakfield and Burkey show no signs of slowing down in an ever improving series.”

“The authors have an uncanny way of keeping the reader intrigued, entertained, enthralled and wanting to read more!”

“Great writing, story and plot with enough realism and twists to keep me trying to undo the tech pretzel they bake. Great narration, how does he keep all those voices straight?”

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Cast Wish-List
  • Tia Carrere or Maggie Q
    Tia Carrere or Maggie Q as Callisto (Zara) Zorikoff
    Female 34 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Benedict Wong
    Benedict Wong as Chairman Lo Chang
    Male 54 Years old
    © Getty Images
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