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The first three books take place in California. Helena travels Across the world, visiting... Mexico, Texas, New Orleans, Florida, Spain, Andorra, Malta, Italy, Rhodes, Jordan, and many places in China. She also visits the Chinese land of the immortals often in her dreams.

Distant Past

In an alternate reality Steam-punk world of 1899
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In a Magical world set in a Steam-Powered 1899, a young debutante learns her life is a fraud. With only a few trusted allies she strikes out to search the world for her parents. Encountering monsters of every ilk along the way she must overcome diversity to learn the truth about who she really is.


The Helena Brandywine nine book series takes the reader through the alternate world where Steam Power is king. Mysteries abound as Helena learns the truth about the hidden magic filled world around her. She learns about love and hurt. Helena learns that most men and women can’t be trusted, only a few close friends will stick with her to the end.
Written as three trilogies, the nine books provide material for a several seasons of Television or several epic films along the lines of the new Amazon series Carnival Row or the Disc World series. Recent advances in CGI and matte background would make for a grand visual experience.
From the very first book where she must work alongside the infuriatingly inquisitive Detective Doyle Longstreet to find a missing friend, Helena is thrust into a Magical and Mystical world she never knew existed. She learns her parent’s bodies were never found. The graves on the property are empty. In the end she rescues her friend from the cult, Society of the Draco. Made up from the richest families in San Francisco, the men are hell bent on controlling a powerful dragon at all costs, all for financial gain. The summoned dragon is not pleased at being disturbed. The creature ends up saving Helena and capturing most of the cult in the process.
In the second book, she is shown the basement workshop that has been hidden from her for the last ten years. Her absent stepfather might not have her best interests in mind. Helena will control the family’s riches once she reaches legal age. Her father’s former professor shows Helena the plans for a grand airship. She decides to build the craft and head off in search of her parents. Unfortunately forces discovered in the first book are not ready to let her go. They dog her every step. While she sleeps, her mind is transported to the Land of the Immortals where she trains with the Mysterious Master Ao. His goal is to turn her into the Guardian he believes she is.
In book three Helena finds the last needed components for the airship. Before they can depart on the expedition, Helena is approached by the most powerful man west of the Mississippi, perhaps the entire country, Jacob Rudolph Beast. Helena learns her stepfather offered up her hand to the man, without her knowledge. To make matter worse, Mister Beast has a signed contract. Helena must run away or face her commitment to an insane asylum or worse be burned at the stake as a witch.
In book four Helena and her friends travel across the USA, seeking out the remnants of the Society of the Draco. She finds new allies on the trip, and old friends deal with the fallout from her running away. Every answer Helena only dredges up more questions.
On the far side of the Atlantic in book five, Doyle rejoins Helena. Even as her feelings for the older man grow, she must keep them in check. The only reason he is there, is to find the woman he truly loves, Tsang Mei. The Chinese schoolteacher has disappeared, Doyle is out to find her at all costs.
Book six, the airship takes the company through a world preparing for war. National forces gather in the Mediterranean Sea. Navies from Germany, British, and the Ottoman Empire ready for war. The slightest mistake might start the shooting. Helena finally arrives at Rhodes, and the crusader’s castle where she believes to find a piece needed to create her father’s invention.
Book seven, the airship Legend its makes way though the holy land. The group finds another dragon’s tear, to power the time machine her father worked on ten years earlier. Helena suspects the machine is somehow responsible for her father’s death.
Book eight, the Legend and crew travels to Mysore. There they drop off Krushna and her dragon egg. To free the people from the oppression of the Empire Helena helps to defeat the Arachnids controlled by the shapeshifting Rakshasa. Helena learns why her father worked so hard to create the time machine, and why her mother opposed its use.
The final book, Helena travels to Canton and meets with the immortal pirate queen Ching Shih. They are chased out of the city by a Rakshasa disguised as a German officer. The Legend travels to the land of the Immortals and rescues Tsang Mei and finds the lost Doyle. Helena confronts her father, before he activates his time machine to stop the Rakshasa’s plot to destroy humanity. Once her father travels back in time, the prophecy begins, and the metal army of the Rakshasa come to life. Helena has no choice but to take the Legend back in time to stop her father.

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  • Helena Brandywine
    Female 17-20 Years old
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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Doyle Longstreet
    Male 28-30 Years old
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  • Angus Macfadyen
    Angus Macfadyen as Sigmund Smyth
    Male 55-60 Years old
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  • Chris Pratt
    Chris Pratt as Lane
    Male 30-40 Years old
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