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A disgraced adventurer must find a way to redeem his past transgressions, even if it’s through the false cause of a strange priest.


Eurus, a disgraced adventurer, spends his days drinking at the Blackfist Tavern. One night, a bruised and bloody priest stumbles into the bar and collapses, ranting about a warlock bent on enslaving the world. Eurus sees this as an opportunity to redeem himself and offers his help to the crazy priest.

Eurus and the priest set out to retrieve an artifact, called the Dryad’s Skull, that can stop this warlock and send him back to the Hellfire Plane, where he belongs.

Eurus must find the Dryad’s Skull before the warlock can get his hands on it, or else the world is doomed to become a hell-on-earth.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Joel Edgerton
    Joel Edgerton as Eurus Darrowind
    Male 33 Years old
  • Katherine McNamara
    Katherine McNamara as Nina Singewood
    Female 24 Years old
  • Ralph Fiennes
    Ralph Fiennes as Samosid/Orrick Dragonfire
    Other 1000 Years old
  • Clancy Brown
    Clancy Brown as Olav Blackfist
    Male 55 Years old
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