Trapped - A Tale of Lust, Wicked Betrayal and Murder
Trapped - A Tale of Lust, Wicked Betrayal and Murder
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New York, New York, United States

Locations are: Harlem, NY Brooklyn, NY Miami, FL

Present Day

This movie takes place in the early 2000's. The flashbacks are ten-years earlier.
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A tale of a successful and mature woman from East Harlem NY who falls in love and is soon entangled in a web of lust, betrayal and murder.


Angelina Rivera is at the prime of her life living in Miami, she has left behind the childhood drama that followed her into adulthood - abuse, alcoholism and abandonment. When her mother becomes ill, she is forced to move back to East Harlem NY. But little does she know how her life is about to change.
By his twenty-third birthday, thanks to his lucrative crack-cocaine business; Daryl James was the king of Brooklyn. He had all; money, women and the protection from his former crack-addicted mother. But when things go awry one fateful night; Daryl is sentenced to a long prison term. With time on his hands he begins to write; by the time he is released he has a finished manuscript and big dreams.
Daryl and Angelina's chance meeting develops into an explosive love affair either could ever imagine possible. Angelina becomes his lover and staunchest ally, supporting and working on his dream to become an author. Daryl's sudden rise comes to an abrupt halt when he inexplicably betrays Angelina in what he thought would be a one-night stand with a street chick named Dee Dee, who becomes Daryl and Angelina's biggest nightmare.
The three become entangled in a deadly web of lust and betrayal that catapults Angelina into a world of despair and revenge Angelina makes no apologies for. After all, as she learns firsthand, time doesn't always heal old wounds; even when it brings new beginnings.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Katherine K. Nunez
    Katherine K. Nunez as Angelina Rivera
    Female 38 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jermel Howard
    Jermel Howard as Daryl James
    30 Years old
    © Getty Images

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