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When hockey player Tim O'Brien cheated on Cassie Evans and broke her naive heart, she left him without looking back. Now Tim is back and sexier than ever. He's also still very interested in Cassie. Will she be able to resist his charms...and does she really want to?


Cassie Evans never got over her high school sweetheart, Tim O’Brien. She thought they had the perfect relationship and even when he received a professional hockey contract, she believed things would be okay…until she decided to surprise him one weekend on the road and she got the surprise of her life. He was in his hotel room being serviced by a “puck bunny”.

Fifteen years later, Tim gets traded to his hometown team and has made it clear he still has the hots for Cassie. She tries to give him the cold shoulder, but he makes her feel too hot to keep it up for long. They meet up at a fundraiser and things really heat up on the dance floor. Cassie decides to throw caution to the wind and indulge in a one night stand with Tim, scratching an unmistakable itch and giving her closure on their relationship once and for all.

Unfortunately, Tim has other plans. He pursues her beyond that one night and makes her think of the good times. She tries to stay strong, but it’s hard to resist a hottie hockey player who has love on his mind, especially when she still has feelings for him.

Tim invites Cassie to his apartment for a home cooked meal. She accepts, intent on getting some answers from him. After wowing her with his culinary skills, he apologizes for hurting her all those years ago and explains that he’s always regretted what happened. She had “googled” him and revealed that, according to rumor, he didn’t hook up with groupies. After what she’d witnessed, that confused her. Why would he indulge while they were together, but not after? He explained that while he’d never found the whole groupie scene appealing, he’d been lonely and given in that one time. Afterwards he was repulsed with himself not only because it was against his principles, but also because he’d hurt her, and himself, in the process.

They make love and he asks her to give him another chance. She accepts.

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