Why Post your Stories on Storyrocket?


Each project is hosted in its own mini-site. In it you create a professional "Pitch Package" with all the elements producers want to see... Synopsis, Logline, Tagline, Main Character Description, Elevator Pitch, Video Trailer, Photos and more. Proudly promote your project on site or to the World on social media.

Your Deal Is yours to Keep

Our mission is to connect and not to get in the middle of a deal. When a story is optioned or goes into production, Storyrocket takes ZERO%. We believe the deal is yours to negotiate and yours to keep. It's that simple.

Easily Discovered - Instantly Shareable

Your "Pitch Package" is easily searchable by producers and instantly shareable on social media 24/7, anywhere in the World, on a computer, pad or phone. Opportunities can happen anytime and anywhere, never be empty-handed again.

We Got your Back

For your protection, all communication, including who you send your full project to, remains on the system... As long as you do not erase it and you keep your account active.

Safe & Secure

Our Founder is a writer too. We understand your concerns and take them seriously. Although you updoad your entire project on Storyrocket, only 5 pages are visible. Anyone interested in seeing more has to contact you or your representative directly, leaving control in your hands.

How Much Does It Cost to Post a Project?

Good News! We believe in honest value. Plans start at only $10 a month to post up to 10 books or stories with an Annual Plan. That’s a $1 per month, per story!

You Own your Work 100%

Storyrocket owns nothing. You own 100% of your intellectual property. Our mission is to help writers and producers find each other with the goal of getting your story produced.

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