Fried Foods, Clues, And Monetary Blues
 Fried Foods, Clues, And Monetary Blues
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Elkhart, Indiana, United States

Story begins in the city of Elkhart in the downtown area. Not a small town nor a thriving metropolis, but the population has been increasing steadily over the past thirty years. The main focal points are Hayden Clarke's PI Agency, the Prosecutors office, Police Station, Dispatch, courthouse and local businesses and restaurants.

Present Day

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Submited by: Delaine Christine (Writer)
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Think Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum as a female version of Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, but with the gift of psychometry, an extreme fried food addiction, a pet goldfish name Vort, and a money problem who owns what she believes is a magical classic Ford LTD.


Hayden Clarke, a 24 year old glove wearing female Private Investigator needs money, and lot's of it. With a fried food addiction to feed, a pet goldfish to pamper, seven years of student loans to pay, and her beloved Amaretto stash to maintain, the accident prone detective with a concealed gun permit must find a way to make a living as a restaurant owner while attempting to get her PI business off the ground. The task should be no problem for the Elkhart, Indiana native with a major in criminal justice, a minor in law, a paranormal gift to know things by touching objects or people, and a working knowledge of how to run a business. Right? Wrong!

With a desperate need to pay her bills, Hayden is determined to create a second source of income or die trying for the goldfish who lives in her toilet relies upon her. With sixteen fryer vats as payment from her very first case, she opens Fried Foods and Things, a buffet style restaurant with no seating, thinking she'll make a killing since it's the only food vendor on Main Street. But a new coffee house moves in next door, forcing her competitive nature to the surface and creating a greater challenge than initially anticipated.

Caffeine fanatic and restaurant owner, Denai Aria and the quirky PI soon butt heads over a tea versus coffee feud and competing food sales. But when Hayden's next case appears on Denai's back doorstep in the form of a backpack full of money, they find they have a common goal; to discover who gave Denai half a million dollars in untraceable cash. The note found in the bag might say it's a gift, but the coffeehouse owner moved to Elkhart a month ago, doesn't have any family or know anyone in the area, and hasn't had contact with anyone, but Hayden and the local grocery delivery driver, since she arrived.

The resourceful PI and accidental fried food restaurant owner must maneuver the many headaches of starting more than one business while trying to solve the mystery and keep her other competitor, Private Detective “Mad” Maddox Brock, and the local Sheriff from discovering about the money. At the same time, Denai figures out Hayden has a secret ability which forces the young PI to take drastic measures in order to avoid the woman's persistent and sometimes inappropriate questions.

As the gloves come off during her investigation, Hayden learns the true identity of a wealthy local RV owner, Charles Cooper. He might give the appearance of a prominent businessman, but on the side he turns out to be a serial rapist. At the same time Detective Maddox's real motives become clear when he thieves a potential client and steals Hayden's chance to gain favor with the Elkhart Police Captain and County Sheriff. With so many secrets being unearthed and a grandmother refusing to acknowledge her age and restrictions, Hayden still struggles to resolve her own case of the generous benefactor before a body count starts racking up, her new Fried Foods establishment gets shut down, and her so called “magical” car with the never ending gas tank runs the risk of getting repossessed.

Things come to a head when Hayden learns of Denai's true biological origins. Though a foster child since her single mother developed post-partum depression and killed herself when she was a baby, it becomes clear that Denai's biological father is Charles Cooper. Hayden further confirms the coffee fanatics bio Dad left her the money out of guilt over her ending up in foster care when her mom died. But before either of them get a chance to confront each other in person, an early morning commuter finds Charles Cooper's corpse splayed out on Elkhart city's downtown signage. With a killer on the loose and a new Last Will and Testament discovered listing the eldest of Charles's illegitimate children as his sole heir, Hayden's next job is clear; unearth all the children the rapist sired over the years and prove her new friend Denai isn't the killer.

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  • Amandla Stenberg
    Amandla Stenberg as Denai Aria
    Female 23 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Zoey Deutch as Hayden Clarke
    Female 24 Years old
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