About Us

Storyrocket.com is a unique Marketplace that connects great written works with the Global Production Community with the goal of producing film, TV, theater or web. Storyrocket is a Miami based startup founded by Media Executive/Screenwriter Ron Karasz and 2 time Emmy-winning Producer Ana Benitez with extensive experience in the Entertainment Marketplace. The pencil-shaped rocket is a registered trademark of Storyrocket.com.


"The Entertainment World is a closed industry and chances are if you don't know on the inside or have a big star attached to your project, your work won't be seen, no matter how amazing it is. We estimate that there are hundreds of thousands of writers globally and millions of books and screenplays that are desperate to get into the right hands, but have nowhere to go. We recognize the challenges the Entertainment Business has and Storyrocket intends to change this"


Ronald Karasz


"Today, not only the traditional networks and studios are in competition for great content, but companies like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon are producing great original movies, shows and series as well. This trend will continue to grow as new outlets emerge, creating the need for more and more content. Storyrocket will be here to meet that demand"


Ana Benitez

Emmy-winning producer and co-founder

Team Storyrocket

Ron Karasz

Founder, CEO

Ana Benitez

Founder, President

Seteve Eisenberg

Legal Counsel- Intellectual Property

Vladimir Rodriguez

Web Director

Gary Rojas

Full Stack Developer

Bianca Vucetich

Assistant Producer