If you don’t have a powerful contact to get you through the door of a studio, production company or television network, getting your story seen by producers is almost impossible, until now. Storyrocket is an online marketplace that opens the doors to writers around the world that want to have their projects seen by producers looking for great content and agents looking for talent.

Whether you’re a novelist, screenwriter, playwright or someone with great ideas, the site is designed to house your “works” and make them available to you anytime and anywhere. Storyrocket categorizes your works and allows them to be easily searched by producers using filters.

Furthermore, your self-submitted “pitch package” lives in its own mini-site with your story’s name. Updating is easy, eliminating the need to have a website. Your pitch package doubles as a great promotional tool. You can share your story on social media or through email with just one click.

Writers, agents, publishers and rights holders can actively promote books, script, plays and ideas by using the social media links to Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ and also by personally emailing your project link to individuals.

* If you have a friend or know someone with a large social media following, ask them to click on one of the social media buttons while looking at your project (book, script or play). When they do, the link to their Facebook, Twitter, Reddit will open and your project poster, title and logline will be embedded in their wall. When they share it, they can add a sentence like, “This is my friend’s project. It’s really a great read. Someone should get this produced.” And now a direct link to your project will be sent to all their friends and followers.

Storyrocket does not sell your works. We provide the platform for your stories to be showcased and the search engine for your stories to be discovered by producers and agents. Other than promoting projects by featuring them on our home page or on our Member Dashboard, there is no implied relationship between Storyrocket and its members. All transaction are between the writers and the producers.

Storyrocket does not get involved in any of your deals. If anyone is interested in you or your writings, they will contact you or your designated representative directly. We believe your deal is yours to keep. If your story gets opted, developed or produced, we do not take any commission.

We do not represent any one or any works on the site. You, your agent, publisher whomever you have designated as your representative or rights holder represents your your work.

Storyrocket can be used 2 ways if you have an agent;

1) You can submit your projects as a writer and list your agent to be contacted. This way, when someone clicks on the “who to contact button,” they will get your agent’s info.

2) Your agent can submit your work as his/her submission, listing your name as the writer, in this case your agent is the person to contact.

Large publishers provide representation to their “A” list writers. However most writers at these companies do not get this level of service and smaller publishers are focused on their core business. Publishers can’t devote resources for this service. Storyrocket provides this “added value” to the writers and offers affordable packages to publishers.

Publisher can submit projects and list the authors’ name, or the writer can submit their own works and list the publisher to be contacted.

Then this site was made for you. Getting your work in the hands of an agent, producer, production company or network is an uphill battle. This site is designed to be affordable, so you can post 1 or many projects to be searched and promoted.

Since only 5 pages are visible in your online pitch package, that means that your work can still be considered by a publisher. And screenwriters and playwrights can show as little as they want to protect their ideas.

Our goal is bring as many industry professionals to our site for the benefit of all embers. Storyrocket may highlight projects from time to time and in this way we may promote you if your pitch package is an exceptional one.

Someone is always looking, that’s the point. But there are no criteria that would keep you from submitting a project to the site… other than good taste. We reserve the right to remove truly offensive materials that go well beyond social norms. Storyrocket is an aggregator or content, accordingly there will be themes and passages that will push some limits.

Storyrocket encourages writers to list all their co-writers on projects. Your name will appear on the site even if you’re not a member of the site. If you accept the listing, then do nothing. If you have a dispute regarding the submission or want your name removed, contact us and we will take the appropriate action until the issue is resolved.

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