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Washington, District of Columbia, United States

Much of the novel is centered in New York City / Manhattan, and Washington, D.C. Secondary U.S. locations include Chicago, Kansas City, and Dallas. There are tertiary locations in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Madrid Spain.

Near Future

Set in the United States in the years 2019 through 2020.
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Submited by: Jim Mosquera (Writer)
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The Sentinel

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Chandler Scott reports on the biggest story of his career. Can he dodge conspiracies during the presidential election — an election that will alter the course of US history?


Chandler Scott, a rising TV journalist, tries to connect the dots in a country mired in another financial crisis. The economy worsened while cyber terrorists added to the flames of fear. The public asked for more security, and got it. Mass surveillance became the norm. Data of all sorts got collected. Privacy vanished.

These events coincide with the presidential election of 2020 that would be like no other in US history. It's no longer a race between the two incumbent parties. This was the calm before the storm.

Chandler interviews officials looking to make sense of the swirling crises. The woman of his dreams challenges his priorities. Another financial crash sets in motion events orchestrated by shadow organizations and the Deep State. The president has a plan to rescue the country.

With the help of his mentor, a US senator, a stranger, and an enigmatic hacker organization, Chandler uncovers a conspiracy just in time for the 2020 election. The president takes unexpected action setting the stage for unprecedented rebellion. Who will challenge him? What will history say? What will America become?

2020, the first book in the Chandler Scott series, is a fusion of historical events with a near-term look at the future. It is a thriller so convincing in its accuracy that readers will be left to ponder if these events could actually come to fruition.

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  • Chandler Scott
    Male 33 Years old
  • Axel Schultz
    Male 60 Years old
  • Rafael Mendoza
    Male 50 Years old
  • Arianne Maxwell
    Female 33 Years old
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