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Denver, Colorado, United States

The majority of the series takes place in and around ‘Denver' (though this could be shifted to any large city.) A few scenes, involving the drug cartel, would require a Mexican feel. Urban streets and the mountainous landscape of the Front Range are the dominant exterior locations. For the most part, the interiors are commonplace and everyday: bars, restaurants, offices and apartments.

Present Day

The series is set, for the most part, in contemporary Denver and as such would afford ample opportunity for product placement, from beers and food chains to fashion brands and cars.
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Walter and Travis' respective worlds are turned upside down when, after the death of their mother, their long-dead father appears, dragging them into a world of time-travel, conspiracy theories and constant danger.


1981: A research project into time-travel is derailed when, fearing for his life and worried about the true motivations of the federal agency he works for, George Donaldson, the lead scientist on the project, disappears along with the device that makes time-travel possible.
2016: George's two sons, Walter, a congressman running for a second term, and Travis, an ex black-ops agent who has spent the last year mired in the criminal underworld of Mexico, reconnect after the passing of their mother. Unbeknownst to the brothers, their father has been travelling through time in an effort to stop the assassination of Walter and DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), the federal agency in charge of the time-travel project, are hot on his heels. Past, present and future collide as a father attempts to save his son, those in power use all means at their disposal (both moral and immoral) to stop him and the lines between right and wrong are blurred.
2045: In a grim and desolate America, George and an unexpected ally link the fall of civilisation back to the assassination of Walter and determine to set things right.
The show moves between time frames exploring the nature of loss, the fragility of relationships and the corrupting power excerpted by those elected to protect us.
EPISODE 1 - 'Out of time':
Walter and Travis' respective worlds are turned upside down when, after the death of their mother, their long-dead father appears, dragging them into a world of time-travel, conspiracy theories and constant danger.
EPISODE 2 - 'The best of times, the worst of times':
Having been captured and released by DARPA and none-the-wiser about the appearance of their 'dead' father, the brothers begin their own investigation into past events. In their quest for knowledge, new relationships are formed and old enemies resurface.
EPISODE 3 - 'Time heals all wounds':
The brothers encounter their father for a second time and learn more of the danger they are in. Thomas enlists the help of a Mexican drug cartel as he develops his plan to catch George and assassinate Walter.
EPISODE 4 - 'Less than no time':
Jane and Walter's relationship develops and Travis grows closer to Agent Phillips as she develops her undercover persona. Meanwhile, George enlists the help of Max in an effort to protect his sons' from Thomas' machinations.
EPISODE 5 - 'About time':
Thomas calls on Jane's mother, Mary, to assist him in his quest for George and the device whilst Agent Phillips begins to fall for Travis. Her allegiances are tested as she learns more about Thomas and his plans for Walter, George and the device.
EPISODE 6 - 'From time to time':
The mid-season episode focuses on George's investigations into Walter's assassination and its contribution to the fall of civilisation. We learn more about the mechanics of time-travel and the events leading up to the appearance of George in the first episode.
EPISODE 7 - 'Killing time':
Thomas has Mary assassinate Max after he discovers a key element in the plan to assassinate Walter. Walter and Travis attempt to continue living their lives as normally as possible but their vulnerabilities are tested and they are helped by an unlikely friend.
EPISODE 8 - 'Desperate times':
Agent Phillips is persuaded by an aged George to take the device and travel to the year 2045 in order to save Travis and the world as she knows it. Travis, distraught at the apparent death of his lover, plays right into Thomas' hands.
EPISODE 9 - 'On borrowed time'
George is forced to rescue Travis from Thomas and briefly reunite him with Agent Phillips. Desperate for more time with her and clouded by his feelings of frustration at not being able to help his brother, he steals the device and jumps through time.
EPISODE 10 - 'Time flies'
Travis' inexperience and lack of understanding of the delicate nature of time-travel kick-starts a series of events that will culminate in the destruction of modern civilisation. George and Agent Phillips are forced to rescue Travis once again.
EPISODE 11 - 'Saving time'
George must go back in time to correct the alteration of the timeline. Meanwhile, in 2016, Walter is preparing for re-election, Thomas' plans involving the drug cartel and Aunt May are put into effect and Travis makes a decision that will have dramatic repercussions.
EPISODE 12 - 'A waste of time'
George prevents Walter's assassination but his actions result in the death of Travis. He resolves to return to the past and attempt to redress the mistakes he made in an attempt to save his youngest son.
Having failed the first time, George is forced to continue his journeys through time, pursued by Thomas, redressing his past mistakes. This time he is successful in saving both Walter and Travis but he must enlist their help to avert the collapse of civilisation.
The inception of the Time Defence Force.

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  • Walter Donaldson
    Male 41 Years old
  • Travis Donaldson
    Male 34 Years old
  • George Donaldson
    Male 0 Years old
  • Sam Donaldson
    Female 0 Years old
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