A Reflection of Evil: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
A Reflection of Evil: A Sherlock Holmes Mystery
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London, London, City of, United Kingdom

Some of the story also takes place in Gloucestershire on the train route to Swansea.

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late 1800's
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Submited by: william todd (Writer)
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After months of inactivity, Holmes gets two cases in one day--the disappearance of a man in Swansea and a prison break from Wormwood prison. He believes the two are related. With Lestrade barking for his assistance at Wormwood, Holmes and Watson instead head to Swansea for a fate neither planned.


After months of inactivity, Holmes gets two intriguing cases in one day. A wealthy woman's husband has mysteriously disappeared in the night in Swansea, Wales. There has also been a prison riot at Wormwood Scrubs with several dead and a few inmates on the loose. Holmes believes the two are connected but in unsure who is behind them. Lestrade is asking for his services at the prison, but Holmes instead decides to go to Swansea to investigate.
While looking over the inmate log, one of the missing convicts catches Lestrade's eye, and he now is worried that the escapee is after Holmes for revenge. He and his right hand man, Jefferies, need to commandeer a train and try to get to Swansea in time to help an unsuspecting Holmes from the revenge of Colonel Moran, Moriarty's second in command, who had been caught and jailed in what was known as the Case of the Empty House.
As Lestrade is trying to play catch-up on a train of his own, Holmes and Watson are on the train to Swansea when there is a great explosion and the train derails with a few casualties and many hurt. Holmes feigns hurt and tells Watson to go help the others while he rests. It's a ruse to get Watson away so he can go into the treeline where he saw someone in the shadows. There, he is confronted by a man who, at gun point, takes him to Colonel Moriarty's twin brother, who is a station master. He had orchestrated the missing man in Swansea in order to get Holmes on the now derailed train. He is at the boat house of a large manor on the other side of the woods. Moriarty's brother wants to take over his dead brother's enterprise but wants to get rid of Holmes first as retribution for the death of his brother.
Eventually, after helping injure passengers, Watson notices the same man in the wood line and also notices Holmes missing. He confronts the man and the man takes him to Moriarty's brother. Holmes is bound in chains, and Watson watches as Moriarty pushes Holmes into the water to drown. Moriarty is about to kill Watson when a shot rings out, killing Moriarty. The shooter is far away and unrecognizable. Holmes survives his ordeal by picking the lock on his chains while under water, and Lestrade arrives in the other train. He tells Holmes that Moriarty escaped to kill him. Holmes tells Lestrade Moran escaped prison to kill Moriarty for trying to usurp him. Moran had taken over Moriarty's criminal enterprise and was running in from prison, and he wasn't going to let Moriarty's brother have it.
All the injured are taken back to London on Lestrade's train. Moran is eventually captured and when back in jail, tells Holmes that he will be out soon and will get his revenge on Holmes then. Holmes tricks him into confessing to killing Moriarty's brother while Lestrade and the prison governor listen in secret. The confession keeps Moran from ever getting released from jail thus assuring that Moran will never get to exact his revenge. The story ends with Moran screaming obscenities from his jail cell as the group of men walk away.

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  • Sherlock Holmes
    Male mid 40's Years old
  • Dr. Watson
    Male mid 40's Years old
  • Lestrade
    Male mid 40's Years old
  • Mrs. Merrick
    Female late 20's Years old
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