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Surrey, London, City of, United Kingdom

This epic story started in Temecula California. However, 80 percent of this Fiction takes place in the City of London and Surrey; Surrey is a short drive outside of London, UK.

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Submited by: Natlie Bartholomew (Writer)
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Page Publishing

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When the sheltered daughter of a Royal Guard, fled the Royal Spotlight to escape her Father’s overprotective ways-she returned home with a request; one that would determine an entire nation's future.


Natalie Baldwin the beautiful daughter of Richard Baldwin a Royal Guard is the result of a forgotten romance. At age five Natalie, by her own curiosity discovered her unknown father’s contact information and phoned him in England. Discovering that he has a daughter, an only child, Richard flew to the Caribbean Island and brought his daughter back to England. They were like two peas in a pod and nothing else mattered to Richard than to be the best Father he could be; ensuring that nothing comes between him and his beloved daughter. As Richard’s daughter, Natalie has won the heart of friends and strangers alike; bringing joy, humor and charm to everyone who knew her. At age eighteen, upset with her Father for denying her the only thing she thought mattered and finally fed up of living life under the spotlight, Natalie left London. Still unable to find the freedom she sought, she flew to California to be with a Cousin. While in California: Natalie met handsome, driven, Phillip Lane and fell madly in love. After Phillip proposed marriage, bound by her British tradition, the couple flew to England to obtain her stubborn father’s approval to marry; just in time to fulfill a forgotten, long awaited promise she’d made to the Prince of Edinburgh.

  • Natlie Bartholomew

    Natlie Bartholomew To all Fans of the movie "Ever After" you would love this one. This is an epic, very different 'Rom Com' that takes you on every possible adventure. There's no other story on the market, ever published that involves a "Royal Guard" Royal Guards are usually standing very, very still overlooking the security of royals. This is not the case here. You would get to know and fall in love with a family whose story you would never soon forget!

    11 months ago -

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Cast Wish-List
  • kevin Costner
    kevin Costner as Richard Baldwin
    Male 57 Years old
  • Maisie Richardson-Sellers
    Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Natalie Baldwin
    Female 23 Years old
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Phillip Lane
    Male 35 Years old
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