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New Zealand jungle, China Shanghai, France, Southern mountain area of the deep South, military bases in the US and Key West.

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Nicci's life becomes one of searching and yearning to find her own version of family and lasting love amidst missions of death and intrigue.


Allouette is an upmarket commercial adult women's fiction thriller. The book series is about strong independent women who have no boundaries. The series could extend beyond the trilogy as there are other characters to explore including possible future children's lives. see book 3.

The Premise
The characters long for sisters, experience different kinds of love, and deal with mental illness and sexual risk taking.

The Conflict
Nicci Bleu is placed in an orphanage in the South of France by her dying mother. She is raised by a priest, who is also her boss, sending her out on missions of behalf of the Church. Their relationship over time grew from father figure to paramour.
There are two main female characters running parallel in the book. The two women do extra-ordinary things on their own. They profit from their own wiles.

Character growth
The book opens with Nicci Bleu in the forest coast of New Zealand sent on a mission to locate a lost granddaughter who has taken up with a marijuana grower. She goes to China to investigate a black market where women vanish inside and are never seen again. Nicci learns she is stronger and more resourceful than she realized.
Jordin La Toi is forced to watch her dog drown, is raped by her father's best friend, joins the military and experiences LGBT relationship as an interrogator, nearly beaten to death by her commanding officer in the shower, experiences psychotic episodes, the paranormal and becomes involved in sexual spectator sports before settling down as a government employee and then a hacker. Jordin is continually beaten down , but moves forward. The book deals with OCD, bi-polarism, and borderline personality disorder, depression and anxiety.

Nicci lands at an airport and is handed a gun in a bag drop by another priest. As she leaves the airport in a taxi, her driver texts to the cab following them. Nicci arrives just as her naked half-sister in white powder and pink eyeshadow has her arms raised ready to stab a man on her couch she has just mounted. In a split second, the woman she is considering killing throws the knife past Nicci and buries it in the unknown assailant who has followed Nicci inside the apartment, dispatching him and saving all of their lives.

The ENDING (resolution)

Nicci is asked to explain to Jordin how she was sent there and the two of them discover similarities between their own father's medical careers and their individual pasts. Memories of their individual mother's characterizations of their matching birthmarks (red bird is established logo on the book covers) on their butts. Both of their mothers worked as nurses for Dr. Georges La Toi. A touching physical encounter in front of a tall mirror and the two women discover they both look exactly alike with their clothes off, they are both blond on top and dark brown down below which is a rare thing. In the final scene, Nicci and Jordin are facing each other face-to-face naked. Nicci whispers to Jordin, "Sister?" Jordin whispers back, "Sisters." Smiles appear and they touch foreheads.

The book is a first in a series of a franchise. All of the characters in the first book are in the second book. There is a logo, website, email address, and author pages in facebook. Twitter and clothing and jewelry online. The book is available on line on e-book and print on demand with Bookbaby, Nook, Kindle, Amazon world-wide distribution, Barnes and Noble, libraries, print on demand by CreateSpace or KBN and is in production for audio books. The cover is owned by the author Michael Stone.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Brie Larson as Nicci Bleu
    Female 29 Years old
  • Julia Stiles as Jordin La Toi
    Female 38 Years old
  • Mark Ruffalo as Elliott Ford
    50 Years old
  • Antonio Banderas as Father Michael
    55 Years old
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