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Detroit, Michigan, United States

Detroit City proper in a time when organized crime ruled the city.

Distant Past

1920's Roaring Twenties
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1929 Detroit. Young Ruth Squire's life intertwines with high society, middle class and organized crime, culminating in an engagement, a kidnapping, a misunderstanding...and a murder.


Ruth Squire is about to graduate high school in Detroit, Michigan 1929, however, she finds herself locked in her bedroom for climbing out the window to meet her friends to attend a dance, previously forbidden. She doesn't want to go on to college or get married. Her dreams are loftier. She wants to be an actress which horrifies her mother. Her parent's dull marriage proves to her there is something more out there for her, more exciting.
Mother wants her safe and arranges a marriage for their daughter. Ruth defies her parents to live the high-life, but not before she meets the man her mother has chosen.
Peter Kirby is handsome and responsible and works diligently to provide for his widowed mother and two brothers. He owns his milk delivery business after putting his own dreams of college aside to care for his bereft family.
Banker Eric Horton holds the fates of many families in his hands through evil dealings in order to feather his own nest. He finds an opportunity to improve his position at the bank by marrying the Squire's only daughter, Ruth. He doesn't know a marriage has been arranged with Peter. Horton spins an evil web to force the Squire's to convince Ruth to marry him.
Reluctantly, Ruth agrees to meet with Peter Kirby and is instantly intrigued. He’s everything a girl could want in a man. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have any experience with men except for high school boyfriends. Afraid he will just drag her down into a mundane life of women’s circles, babies, and other boring events, she rebuffs him.
Peter’s mother agrees to meet with her and tries to convince her to marry her son, that love will come later. Ruth is still not convinced.
While Ruth’s parents are away shopping for her wedding trousseau, she convinces Sarah to let her out of her room. She wanders into her parents’ bedroom trying to find an escape through their window, since they nailed hers shut. Instead she finds a key to the closet. Beautiful dresses, matching handbags and shoes adorn the back side of the closet. With more exploration she finds a secret room. After rummaging around in disbelief at the splendor, she finds long lost love letters between her mother and a Captain Adams. Devastated, she leaves the closet determined to confront her mother.
Her mother’s lies turn her life upside down. She’s not sure what she can believe anymore.
Sarah, the maid, has been with the Squire’s since Mrs. Squire was a girl. She’s practically raised Ruthie and has a direct influence on how she sees her mother’s past. More lies come out that even involved Sarah. Their own brush with the mob.
Enter another woman! Attractive Hattie Morgenstern from the old country comes to claim Peter from a childhood betrothal between families. After Ruth has finally decided she loves Peter, she thinks she is betrayed again. First her mother, now Peter.
She runs, convinced Peter will honor the contract between the Morgenstern’s and the Kirby’s put in place so long ago.
Her parents whisk her off to boarding school, where she meets Cal. The handsome son of the school’s mistress. But she can’t get Peter out of her mind, even while Cal woos her. She continues to resist until she tells Cal about Peter.
Ruth finds out more about the despicable Captain Adams, who tarnished her mother’s reputation, from an encounter with Adam’s daughter. Before she can reconcile with her mother, a kidnapping from the school ensues. Extortion! It’s a case of mistaken identity. The mobsters thought they were kidnapping Ruth but grabbed Ella Adams instead.
Cal knows Ruth still loves Peter, so he makes a trip to Detroit to ferret out Peter and tell him the whole story and let him know Ruth is endangered.
Now, all lives are entwined. Cal learns to like Peter. Cal becomes enamored of Peter’s betrothed, Hattie. Eric Horton has been working hard to take the Squire’s home and marry Ruth. Eric’s mistake is that he involved a mobster they called “The Nose”, who puts everyone in danger and results in a murder.
Ruth has a lot of growing up to do in this American version of Downtown Abbey.
Trust has been lost between mother and daughter, but in the end, everything is exposed and proves the theory that secrets aren’t buried forever.

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  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis as Peter Kirby
    Male 29 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez as Ruth Squire
    Female 18 Years old
    © Getty Images
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