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Detroit, Michigan, United States

1920's during the height of organized crime. Down by the docks and city proper.

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Roaring Twenties 1929
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Submited by: Patty Wiseman (Writer)
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Detroit 1929. A train wreck threatens Ruth's future. A long kept secret threatens her past.


Book Three of The Velvet Shoe Collection. This book begins just after Ruth and Peter Kirby get married. They board their honeymoon train and less than an hour later they are involved in a horrific train accident. The intensity of this dramatic event is made even more tragic by Ruth’s momentary willful and stubborn actions immediately before it happened.
While Peter naps beside her on the rocking train, Ruth spots a man that looks very familiar. Someone connected to the mob. When she wakes Peter to tell him, he doesn’t believe her, suggests its her imagination. That answer doesn’t set well with Ruth.
Peter suggests they head for the dining car. Ruth is still skittish from seeing the mobster.
Unfortunately, her intuition is correct. A man tries to shoot Peter. Chaos ensues, Peter is grazed as she pulls him under the table. He loses consciousness.
Peter is wounded but recovers. They realize the train has stopped and contemplate getting off, sure the gunman is after them. They return to their cabin to find it in shambles. In the end, he decides it might just be a robber. Maybe they aren’t the target, after all.
When the robber couldn’t be found, the passengers boarded the train again.
Peter and Ruth argue about his over-protective nature, and suddenly, she has doubts about her decision to marry him. Independence is of utmost importance to her. She didn’t want to be smothered. In anger she runs from their compartment.
Peter is also angry at her immature attitude and lets her run out of the door. Now they are separated, and the worst is yet to come. The train derails.
Ruth searches, steps over bodies, tries to help some who are hurt while desperately trying to find her husband.
In the meantime, old foe Giovanni Zappelli has threatened Ruth’s mother, Priscilla, over an old score twenty years earlier. Zapelli thought Priscilla Squire had killed his father and was out for revenge now. It was a crime Priscilla and Sarah, the maid, covered up, hoping it would never rise to the surface. But now, here it is, in the wake of Ruth’s marriage to Peter. Would their lives ever be free of the specter of organized crime? Stupid mistakes as a girl had come back to haunt her. Now, her precious daughter would find out the truth of her lies.
Peter and Ruth’s friend, Cal, sped to the derailment as soon as he heard, hoping to find his friends alive.
Meanwhile, another situation has risen with Priscilla and Giovanni. He wants a meeting in the alley. Priscilla knows she shouldn’t meet with him but wants an end to all the terror and threats. Sarah insists on going along. They were partners in crime twenty years ago, and she will not hear another word about it.
The alley is dark. Threats are made, and Sarah hurls a knife through the air. It hits its target, but it isn’t who they think it is. It’s not Giovanni. It’s Captain Alexander Adams, the man who raped Priscilla twenty years ago. It’s a flesh wound. Adams found out about the meeting and diverted Giovanni. The Captain was out to make amends to Priscilla.
Ruth continues to search for Peter and eventually finds him, hurt, but alive. But the terror isn’t over because one of Giovanni’s stooges finds them. Instead of taking them toward help, he threatens to kill them. In the darkness, Ruth finds a metal pipe. It’s her only chance to save them both. Before she could wield it, however, Cal clobbers the guy over the head. He heard Ruth’s voice and found them.
Threats continue while Ruth and Peter are in the hospital. Cal appoints himself as guardian until they are well enough to travel.
Back in Detroit, Priscilla decides to confront Zapelli. Captain Adams shows up there, too. Giovanni is bent on killing them both. A gun goes off. Both Priscilla and Adams are hit.
This book is filled with twists and turns with all characters in play. Even the maid, Sarah protects a long-lost love, thinking he will be charged with the murder of the mobster twenty years ago. When the dust settles, Priscilla is dead, but the truth comes out about Sarah’s love and Ruth’s real parentage. Priscilla was not her mother, nor was Robert her father. She was the product of a secret union between the maid, Sarah and a man called Daire Connelly.

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  • Selena Gomez
    Selena Gomez as Ruth Kirby
    Female 18 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jason Lewis
    Jason Lewis as Peter Kirby
    Male 29 Years old
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