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Detroit, Michigan, United States

The docks of Detroit.

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The Roaring Twenties, 1929
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Submited by: Patty Wiseman (Writer)
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1929 Detroit. An unexpected death and an unwanted guest bring chaos to Hattie's newlywed euphoria. A mysterious key turns the lock in her heart and reveals a dark side she didn't know she had.



A vintage tale set in 1929 examines three hearts whose lives are derailed by a series of unpredicted events.
Hattie Taylor has unfinished business. An unexpected death and an unwanted guest bring chaos to her newlywed euphoria. Set to go on their long-awaited honeymoon, the landlord of the boarding house, Mrs. Whitewood, dies. Again, a postponement that might shake the foundation of this marriage. While going through papers to find out about next of kin, a mysterious key appears. It turns the lock in her heart and reveals a dark side she didn’t know was there. Will her marriage survive or will an English aristocrat destroy her happiness?
Cal Taylor married the beautiful Hattie Morgenstern and settles into their life together, running the Whitewood Boarding House, happy and assured their love will stand the test of time. When events take an unexpected turn, Cal’s confidence is weakened, and he wonders if he is worthy of the woman he loves.
Sir Clive Coppinger, Jr., a rich English aristocrat, always gets what he wants. His son wants to buy the Whitewood Boarding House. Sir Clive will stop at nothing to obtain the property. A shocking revelation about his own mother with ties to the house catches him off guard, however, shaking his very core. When he meets Hattie Morgenstern, he decides to woo her when he discovers she holds a mysterious key exactly like the one his mother left him when she disappeared. He wants that key. He’ll stop at nothing to get it. Even murder. When he realizes Fanny and Hattie know each other, he uses Fanny’s friendship to help him get the key. Fanny’s boyfriend, Moose, is a bouncer in the restaurant she owns, The Blue Feather. Not overly bright, but desperately in love with Fanny, he is loyal to a fault. Until it comes to money. Coppinger hires him to rob Hattie of the key. The attempt goes horribly wrong.
Fanny Zapelli reappears in this continuing saga of love and betrayal. She flirts incessantly with Sir Clive to get what she wants, a boost up the ladder in business. She wants an uptown restaurant and Coppinger knows all the right people. But when it comes down to loyalty to Hattie and Cal who helped save her business, she is instrumental in exposing Coppinger for the cad he is.
Peter and Ruth Kirby, main characters in the first three books of the series, make appearances in this book, too. Ruth is carrying a child, so her assistance is limited, but she does everything she can to help Hattie and Cal as their marriage falls apart.
Will Hattie choose her new husband, Cal, or be spirited away by the English aristocrat?
Coppinger’s long lost mother appears in this book and reveals the real reason she left Clive as a baby. A reunion is organized, but is Clive’s heart ready to hear the truth about his mother?
After the air clears and all secrets are resolved, Hattie and Cal finally get their honeymoon. As they stand on the caboose watching the train station fade into the distance, they spot Fanny waving frantically for them to come back. She looks very distraught. This time, they decide she’ll have to figure out whatever the problem is on her own. They are finally putting themselves first.

  • Patty Wiseman

    Patty Wiseman This is book four of the series. The Velvet Shoe Collection. An American Version of Downton Abby!

    One year ago -

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