Anunnaki Wars
Anunnaki Wars
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Calhan, Colorado, United States

Solar Systems and outer space within the milky way.

Fictitious World

The galaxy far in the distant past
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A crew from an ancient mythical race is brought forward in time to once more battle for the soul and control of the galaxy against overwhelming odds.


This is a story about the supposed ancient gods of earth. Only it is told from the viewpoint of the Gods and not the humans. The History Channels Ancient Aliens combined with Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger and Eric von Dankin’s books and stories. The first two books are the start of a galaxy wide war which an ancient prince called Aidan who is the royal son of what becomes the last Phoenix Queen of one of the first races called the Murians, has been brought forth in time. The Ancient Phoenix Queens merged mentally with a creature called a Phoenix with powers even they did not understand bestowed by the twin gods of Creation and Destruction through their Avatars. For a long time Aidan rarely interacts with the secondary races that rose from the Murians DNA seeded by them when they fell into a dark age for an unknown reason. The Murians had defeated an enemy and their was peace for three sars (a galactic time of year for them) and the first eight races was setting Star Gates throughout the galaxy for faster traveling time. The ninth race an enemy was an reptilian species who tried to rule over the others intending to use them as slaves or others as food. They were called the Heliosag’s.
At the start of book one two Avatars of the gods fought on Aidan’s ship. All those aboard are thrown into the future at a time after their race descended into a dark age for some unknown reason and appear to have died out. When the Heliosag’s reappear he sets out to stop them not knowing that the others from his ship are also in the time line with him. The Anunnaki Empire is a wealthy empire farthest out towards the rim of the galaxy and the first wave of Heliosag’s warriors intend to control it from the shadows attaining what they need through them creating a civil war. A young Queen, Jynnalt, who is Aidan’s daughter unbeknownst to either of them becomes entangled in the battle for the Anunnaki Empire. In the end of book one she has raised and impressed a phoenix yet she is unaware of the fact. She separates her kingdom from the Anunnaki Empire while though most of the bad guys are either dead or escaped one of them becomes the Emperor and the empire goes back to an uneasy truce. Meanwhile Jynnalt has been enslaved and lost her son sold to someone she has no idea who and is still missing at the end of the book.
Book two will lead to the another civil war within the Anunnaki Empire as the Heliosag’s are still trying to gain full control over it. Aidan is working to stop them. And Jynnalt and her consort Ryakin now have twin daughters though they are still looking for who bought they son. Empires and Kingdoms erupt into civil war or war with neighbors of long standing though first leaving their alliance and the Council of Nine. At the end of book two the rightful ruler as known will take the throne and the usurper will flee getting lost to end up on an unknown planet outside the civilized galaxy area’s rich in minerals necessary to build many of the military war machines while also discovering an unknown and for the moment non working gate just outside its outer boundaries. This is earth 450,000 years in the past of today. He makes a deal with the new emperor of the Anunnaki empire to give him the coordinates if he will pardon him and give him back all his prior wealth and position other than the throne. It is arraigned and he tells them.
Book Three starts with the galaxy at full fledge war with the Heliosag’s and the Anunnaki using the planet not only for its richness but the fact it is hidden from the rest of the galaxy the systems makes for a great secret base to work from. Guild workers and scientist are sent to mine the planet while the fleet sends its military for upgrades and to work out of. The series will follow the war in the galaxy involve all the characters while also starting to follow the idea’s and theories put forth by The History Channels Ancient Aliens combined with Zecharia Sitchin, Michael Tellinger and Eric von Dankin’s books and stories as a subplot to the main plot of galactic war in the heavens. As the story progresses the subplot will merge with the plot and entwine the ancient aliens called gods and modern humans into the conflict.
Soft Science/Space Opera

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Cast Wish-List
  • Liam Hemsworth
    Liam Hemsworth as Aidan
    Male 27 Years old
  • Scarlett Pomers
    Scarlett Pomers as Jynnalt
    Female 19 Years old
  • William Moseley
    William Moseley as Ryakin
    Male 21 Years old

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