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Topanga, California, United States

Best Kid Ever takes place in locations around Topanga, CA. Noah teaches at Malibu High School, where Jacob is a student. Additional locations include Malibu Coffee + Tea, Canyon Diner, the local soccer field, and Noah/Jacob's house on Emmerdale Trail in Topanga.

Recent Past

The story covers the span from Jacob's arrival in Topanga in the middle of his sophomore year of high school up through his graduation from high school.
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In the mountains outside Los Angeles, a 35-year-old science teacher steps up to parent his teenage nephew, and together they search for meaning in their lives as well as a new definition of family.


When Noah Whitmore's teenage nephew Jacob turned up on his doorstep one day, it was a life-defining moment for both of them.

As a single, thirty-something high school physics teacher with a personal life akin to a vacuum, Noah found that he had someone in his life that needed direction and needed a father figure who could provide it.

With neither of Jacob's parents interested in having custody of him, it fell to Noah to be there when it was soccer practice, auditioning for the school play or when the chance of adventure in far-flung Switzerland beckoned.

This bitter-sweet story is one of self-discovery, family and identity and is one that provides moments of reflective sadness as well as enduring hope that is always present when two kindred souls collide.

Based on the self-published book, My Life With Lukas (On Topanga Canyon Boulevard): Junior Year.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Will Estes
    Will Estes as Noah Whitmore
    0 35 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Ty Simpkins
    Ty Simpkins as Jacob Whitmore
    Male 15 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Jamie Lee Curtis
    Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Pat Branigan
    Female 55 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Noah Alexander Gerry
    Noah Alexander Gerry as Emery Cooper
    Male 16 Years old
    © Getty Images

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