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Kalispell, Montana, United States

The story begins in Indiana, Pennsylvania but a majority of the tale is based out of the Blackthorne horse ranch located in a valley near Kalispell, Montana and the RavenCroft horse ranch near Loveland, Colorado.

Present Day

My story is told in a present day setting but with the understanding that events are occurring ten years prior to how the author wrote they would happen without her story.
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Submited by: Delaine Christine (Writer)
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Kimerah Publishing

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A ghostwriter with a broken gift of foresight discovers the family of characters in a series of books she's written are real, linked to an Elven Dynasty, and living in present day Montana and Colorado.


Ghostwriter KARISMA KAYOS tells stories about people with extraordinary abilities. She may live in her head most days, but the family in her book series live in Kalispell, Montana. Not fully aware of her own clairvoyant ability, she's able to sense something is about to happen. The ominous feeling becomes overwhelming. Her subconscious mind attempts to reach out to the empath she writes about by way of dreams. Her pleas are ignored, leaving Karisma and her family vulnerable to the shadows now plaguing her.

The eldest Blackthorne triplet, RAFE BLACKTHORNE, learns Karisma is conscious of her gift ten years before she’s meant to. He also uncovers news of her family's tragic accident. After he and his son-in-law delve into the books she's written, he discovers it's about his family. She’s foreseeing their futures and writing about prophecies his late wife made before she died. One of which may relieve a son of his from being tortured by demons. But when Rafe endeavors to get Karisma out of harm’s way he's met with resistance by both her adopted family and JERICHO HENLEY, a corrupt operative of PHENOM. A secret government organization that hunts, imprisons, and exploits individuals with paranormal talents.

After a narrow escape, Rafe manages to extract the grieving widow. He brings her safely 'out of time' within their valley. A pocket of slowed time on earth where no one can enter unless they have supernatural capabilities. Upon arriving home, he is unable to catch a break. His identical brothers show up without warning, seeking answers from Karisma. ROURKE BLACKTHORNE, a pompous aristocrat from Scotland, tries to rectify past wrongs while contriving to determine Karisma’s true place among them. BASTION RAVENCROFT, a horse rancher from Colorado who was supposedly deceased seeks the conclusion to Karisma's book series. He hopes to discover the whereabouts of his missing grandchildren.

Their efforts to gain the knowledge they desire are hindered by Karisma's need to grieve, her baffling collection of works, and a bounty hunter with a grudge. Struggling to stay one step ahead of Phenom's operative, Rafe runs the risk of losing his cool. He’s juggling the role of grief counselor, protector, father, matchmaker, and wrangler of his brother's. With the arrival of ANGEL STRYFE, the true author of Karisma's novels, brings a new discovery. One that has them racing to find the last gifted writer still unaccounted for, CIARA MARKETTI, before Agent Henley does.

Things come to a head when the Blackthorne men learn Ciara is already on Phenom's radar. This news spurns their need to find her first. With the aid of a snitch, private jet, helicopter, and a lot of bickering, the siblings narrowly manage to snare her from Henley’s clutches. They soon realize bringing all three of the author's out of time ten years earlier than expected comes with a heavy price. Agent Henley now knows of their link to the Weir-deVere's of Scotland and by extension an Elven dynasty. But with the Blackthorne's and their talented charges concealed out of time, the men of Phenom will never attain their prize. To return supernatural beings to the world – the elves.

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  • Boris Kodjoe
    Boris Kodjoe as Chase Ryans
    Male 38 Years old
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  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves as Bastion RavenCroft
    Male 50 Years old
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  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves as Rafe Blackthorne
    Male 50 Years old
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  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves as Rourke Blackthorne
    Female 50 Years old
    © Getty Images
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