Blood Feud
Blood Feud
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Manhattan 1929.

Distant Past

Set in 1929 where America has Prohibition and rowdy partying, but also is facing an economic climate and the worst financial fall in her history; and Italy is ruled by a corrupt fascist government headed by a tyrant, Prime Minister, Benito Mussolini.
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Submited by: Rosemary Dronchi (Writer)
Agent(s): The Dronchi Agency
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Blood Feud, a 137,000 word historical thriller, is in the mode as Mario Puzo, but with a touch of Ken Follett. It breaks ground to pave the way on a treacherous action filled who-done-it and heart-bending ride as the first book in the novel series, The Rossini Trilogy, proving the heart always wins.



In 1906, five-year-old Agostino Rossini, witnesses the murder of his mother, Alessandra Rossini by his grandfather, Carlo Batista. At the time, the horrific act puts the boy in a state of shock, leading to amnesia. The day after the murder, his father Vittorio Batista, takes him to the Sacred Heart Orphanage in Sorrento, Italy and deserts him.
After eleven years in the orphanage, Rossini runs away to Positano, Italy. While there, he becomes friends with Giovanni Lanza and his sister, Francesca. The family takes him into their home and after one year of searching for his parents, Signor Lanza, mayor of the small town, intervenes and locates Rossini’s father who’s a prominent banker in Reggio di Calabria where Rossini was born. When Rossini confronts his father, the man refuses to acknowledge Rossini as his son. Rossini asks about his mother and his father lies and conveys that she ran off and left him.
Broken and rejected, he says goodbye to his friends and books passage for New York City where he is told the streets are paved with gold. After two weeks of severe weather conditions, hunger and illness, he reaches New York harbor and passes through the rigorous process on Ellis Island where he receives his documents to enter the United States.
During his search for work as a shoemaker, he meets Sidney Rosenberg owner of a fashionable shoe salon. Rosenberg gives him a job and after two years Rossini opens his own establishment.
When prohibition goes into effect on January 16, 1920, Rossini realizes there’s more money in bootlegging and turns his storefront into a speakeasy. He and Rosenberg become partners and open three more speakeasies under the guise of shoe salons. They make a fortune running in the stock market, properties on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue as well a factory along the Hudson River. In a short time, they become millionaires.
Financially secure, Rossini invests in a hotel in Positano with his friends, the Lanzas. When Hotel Rossini breaks ground, he returns to Italy on the Ile de France, for the first time in twelve years. During the voyage, he meets Zelda Stuart, an American movie star who is planted aboard the ship by Carlo Batista.
When they return to the States, Zelda moves into Rossini’s Fifth Avenue apartment. They are happy until she is in a car accident on the way to his home in the Hamptons. The car is forced off the road by her former boyfriend, JOE THE BULL, a member of the Chicago Mob and her driver’s killed. After the accident, Rossini begins to have nightmares. At first he can’t put the pieces of his dreams together—blood—a woman’s screams—a child’s cries. But then, the dream becomes clear.
Carlo Batista killed his mother while his father, Vittorio and the wine master, Indelicato Izzo standby and do nothing to help her. He tells Zelda about the dream and she is very sympathetic. Yet, when he decides to return to Italy to avenge his mother’s murder, she begs him to forget the past. When he refuses, she begins to drink and use drugs.
He informs his friends, the Lanzas that he and Zelda will arrive in Naples, on the ocean liner, Augustus on Saturday morning, October 19, 1929.
When they dock in the Bay of Naples, no one is allowed to disembark by order of Capitano Fioro Michelangelo, CID. The captain notifies Rossini that there is a contract on him. An assassin, The Leopard, the most sought after killer in Italy, is on board and is going to kill him. Michelangelo questions the reason for Rossini’s return to Italy and why someone wants him dead.
Rossini suspects that Batista is behind the assassination attempts and presumes his grandfather has an informant in New York or even worse—on the ship. There are two more attempts on his life that fail, but in the process seven people are killed.
When Michelangelo discovers there is a breech in his security, he calls his friend, Generale Rinaldi in Rome. The general dismisses the captain without explanation. The rebuff confirms the captain’s suspicions that there is a conspiracy and Rome wants Rossini out of the way. Captain Michelangelo relies on the only man he trusts, his friend, Agent Giuseppe Torri.
Lanza, with his security team, escort Rossini and Stuart to their villa on the compound of Hotel Rossini. Soon after their arrival, the manager of the hotel is murdered and the evidence points to The Leopard. Another attempt is made on Rossini’s life.
Michelangelo orders a manhunt, but the assassin escapes.
Lanza and his men join forces with the captain, but the killer is always one step ahead of them.
When Zelda disappears from the hotel, Michelangelo believes that she is involved in the conspiracy. Rossini does not accept the accusation and does not approve of Michelangelo’s decision to stay at the compound. Nevertheless, the entourage leaves for Reggio di Calabria where Lanza has a summer home. There they meet with Marco Fellini, the President of the Paris Branch of Banca Batista, who was a close friend of Rossini’s deceased mother and the person who will help take down Banca Batista and its holdings.

Against Rossini’s wishes and to prove his case, the captain searches Zelda’s suite. In his pursuit, he finds a diary which has fallen behind a bureau. The pages catalog dates, phone exchanges, names. It identifies the assassin, The Leopard, the Batistas, the ruthlessness of Generale Rinaldi and Prime Minister Mussolini, the dealings of the Vatican, and the corruption of United States officials.
After the unbelievable discoveries in the diary, Michelangelo questions if he should go back to Rome and ignore what he has found or dig deeper. There is no decision to be made. He has been an honest cop for twenty-five years and he will go out that way; even if it means his own death. He will help bring down the House of Batista and lock the criminals away.
He and Torri race south to Calabria to give Rossini definite proof that Zelda works for his grandfather, Carlo Batista and that she is involved with the attempts on his life.
While Rossini waits for the captain, he calls Rosenberg, his business partner in New York, who informs him that the stock market shows signs of decline, but Sidney tells him there is nothing to worry about.
Unsettled by the news, Rossini advises his partner to sell their stock, take the cash and hide it. Rosenberg questions the decision, but in the end, does what he is told to do. The next day the market crashes.
When Michelangelo and Torri reach the house on the Ionian Sea, the captain gives Rossini the diary. Rossini discovers that his fiancé’s true identity is Shelly Maggy; a prostitute that Carlo Batista met when he was on a business trip to New York City. Batista created Zelda Stuart—the movie star and assassin.
Zelda’s diary reveals her love for Rossini, but also lists the people with whom she has had affairs and their illegal activities.
Anxious over the information about the crash and now Zelda, Rossini addresses his options and decides to find Zelda to confront her.
He and Lanza drive to the hotel in Rome where the actress is staying.
Within minutes after their arrival, Zelda’s gunned down on the steps of the hotel and dies in Rossini’s arms. Lanza discloses to Rossini that he saw Carlo Batista standing with her, seconds before the shooting, and that he is confident Batista set up Zelda.
After her body is brought to the morgue, Rossini and Lanza seek the United States Embassy’s help and meet with Ambassador Garrett who offers to bring the actress back to New York.
When Rossini and Rosenberg return to Calabria, they find Francesca missing.
Francesca Lanza confronts young Carlo Batista, Rossini’s half-brother and asks him to negotiate a settlement of the Blood Feud between Rossini and his grandfather. She has no idea that Carlo Marchesa Batista is The Leopard.
The Leopard kidnaps Francesca and takes her to the house on Via Tuscana where his father, Vittorio and Rossini’s mother, Alessandra had lived. There he terrorizes her. When old man Batista arrives at the cottage and sees the girl, he knows Rossini will do anything to save her.
Rossini, Michelangelo and the security team discover Francesca’s location and bombard Via Tuscana. When Rossini sees Francesca bound and badly beaten, he realizes that he loves her—had always loved her.
As soon as the criminals are in custody, Francesca is taken to the hospital to address her injuries. Once there, Rossini informs Francesca that her brother, Giovanni has been injured and is in critical condition.
After waiting at the hospital for more than three hours, the doctor assures them that Lanza will make it. Happy about the news, but still concerned of her brother’s condition, Francesca is reluctant to leave him.
When Rossini reassures Francesca that Giovanni is in good hands, she leaves with him and the captain.
Once back at Lanza’s cottage, Marco Fellini is there to greet them. Michelangelo informs the group that Carlo Batista, Vittorio Batista and Carlo Marchesa Batista, alias The Leopard will be prosecuted for the crimes committed.
Exhausted, Michelangelo, Fellini and Francesca go to bed.
Left alone, Rossini sits at the empty table, in the empty room. He checks his watch. The sun will be up in another hour and a new day will begin. Will justice truly prevail?

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