BLOOD LIONS (Bell Trilogy Book 3)
BLOOD LIONS (Bell Trilogy Book 3)
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Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Memphis/Tennessee, Cape Town/South Africa

Present Day

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Submited by: Steve Bradshaw (Writer)
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The sinister plan to control the "immortality gene" is resurrected. Dr. Elliott Sumner, world-renowned forensic sleuth, must overcome inner demons or the greatest evolutionary leap for mankind is lost.


A serial killer is dead. The chairman of the sinister Gilgamesh board is dead, and the heads of board members are found on stakes on Mud Island in Memphis, Tennessee. The evildoers have been eliminated, victims of their own stealth war to control the replication and access to a revolutionary medical breakthrough, the "immortality gene". Dr. Elliott Sumner, the gifted, world-renowned forensic sleuth and new heir to the billionaire Bell family fortune, must change his life or die. His rare genetic gifts have fatal liabilities. The monsters he hunts now live in his head. They can trigger a cardiac arrest if stimulated by one more traumatic experience. But three Gilgamesh board members have escaped execution and are now determined to resurrect their sinister mission. This time they will do it different. This time they will first execute Elliott Sumner, Albert Bell, Tony Wilcox, and the others who got in their way. Elliott has no choice but to stop Gilgamesh and to manage his medical condition. Although he doubts the existence of an immortality gene, Elliott is committed to stopping the sinister killing spree. When he discovers the biogenic solution to immortality is real, his focus changes. He must stop Gilgamesh from taking control of the greatest evolutionary leap for mankind. The world-changing biogenic solution for life extension must be mass produced, and the world population must be inoculated to eliminate any possibility of the "evil few" from taking control of the future of mankind. Elliott and his team formulate and implement a global inoculation scheme that foils Gilgamesh and disperses the biogenic solution worldwide through the global businesses of the Bell family. The stealth inoculation will remain unknown to the world until global population morbidity data reveals an unexplained change in life expectancy and elimination of disease.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Josh Holloway
    Josh Holloway as Dr. Elliott Sumner
    Male 40 Years old
  • Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland as Albert Bell
    Male 75 Years old
  • John Cusak
    John Cusak as Tony Wilcox
    Male 40 Years old
  • Rebecca Romijn
    Rebecca Romijn as Carol Mason
    Female 36 Years old
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