Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect
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Kompromat begins at home.


When we last left Nancy Delaney and Peter Rostovich, they were on the run from violent criminal overlords in the former Soviet Union. Our hero Peter Rostovich is an elusive, enigmatic international artist/playboy, originally from the Ukraine, who may or may not have ties to the Russian/Ukrainian mafia. Not only that, he has a taste for bondage, and uses BDSM imagery in his art. Virginal young heroine Nancy Delaney is a budding reporter, and tries to crack hero Peter Rostovich's very tough nut (he hates reporters, and art critics especially), but instead she captivates him. Bondage erotica/50 Shades fans will find lots to like in the familiar character setup and plot framework, but then they'll get taken on a thrill ride that goes halfway around the world to the darkest recesses of the former Soviet Union---Mafia dens, radioactive waste sites, evil sex trafficking/human trafficking rings and the mysterious organized-crime, Russian Mafia rings that run them, and more. BUTTERFLY EFFECT involves real and imagined international crime figures, political leaders, and a fast-pasted caper plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat. And in Peter Rostovich, readers will find a sexy artist whom nobody can quite figure out---not even the man himself.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Holliday Grainger
    Holliday Grainger as Nancy Delaney
    Female 21 Years old
  • Chris Evans
    Chris Evans as Peter Rostovich
    Male 30s Years old
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