Cheers from Heaven
Cheers from Heaven
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The scenes take place at Fairmont School, around the town, and at the home of Drew’s parents.

Present Day

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Five friends share a similar experience of mistreating their departed classmate, Drew, which leaves them all feeling guilty and contemplating their actions, but it’s Juleah who being haunted by memories, makes it her goal to right this wrong and help her classmates to stop bullying forever.


Five friends discover they are feeling very similar emotions about a classmate, Drew, who suddenly passes away from a dreadful disease in "Cheers from Heaven". Each of them had mistreated him in their own way and style. Guilt soon overtakes them and they are guided by their teacher to visit Drew's parents and confess their wrongdoings. During their visit, they are entrusted with Drew's secret locked box which Drew left behind. What's inside sets them on a life-changing journey. They discover Drew knew more about each of them than they ever did about him.
Drew leads them all in different directions of self-discovery and growth by the notes he left each one. This unites them together in a way that they never imagined. It helps them grow in maturity and emotionally, beyond who they once were. They can finally see a better way to live life and inspire others do the same. The students organize an annual event to honor Drew and to stomp out bullying at their school. Their school becomes a model to other schools to follow. Being kind is cool. The students receive surprise news from their teacher. She shows them a mysterious postcard she received in the mail signed by Drew. Could Drew have mailed the students a postcard shortly before he passed away? Is it possible Drew could have sent cheers to the students straight from Heaven?

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Cast Wish-List
  • Juleah
    Female 12 Years old
  • Mrs. Ellie Jackson
    Female 38 Years old
  • Ethan
    Male 12 Years old
  • Emma
    Female 12 Years old
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