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Most of the story takes place in The United States and Israel. Other small parts take place across the globe.

Near Future

Events leading up to the second coming of Christ from about 10-20 years from now.
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In a world gone mad, Jesus Christ and Lucifer battle for the souls of humanity. Society goes haywire with political turmoil, violence, and a global economical collapse. The second coming of Christ is the cap on this adventure feature as Jesus returns to save his people from Satan's grasp.


The second coming of Christ is the foundation of this story. Jesus Christ meets with a few prophets to discuss details on the events that need to precede his second arrival to Earth. The cleansing of the Jordan River in the Middle-East and every nation on Earth having religious freedom starts the process.
The collapse of the global economy shortly follows, as most nations on Earth become bankrupt with a poorly executed maneuver on Wall Street. As money becomes tight, prices rise, which leads to people to do desperate things to survive. Once innocent and loving people, steal and try to manipulate the system to their economic advantage. This includes a series of mysterious bank robberies, involving bank robbers using a newly invented cloak of invisibility, which is also used in WW3.
Societal violence ensues as friends turn on one another, social taboos become the norm, and people commit unspeakable crimes against humanity. The crowning violent confrontation is world war 3. Israel has become the wealthiest nation on Earth and most other countries want that wealth. Israel has a few allies, but not enough to keep them at bay. The 2 witnesses from the book of Revelation, chapter 11, come to Israel's aid, by teaching the Jews about Christ, and fending off the armies of the gentiles.
At last, Christ returns, bringing with him the powers of Heaven, to smite the gentile armies and rescue his people. After finishing them off, he renews the Earth back to its paradisiacal glory as it was in the garden of Eden. Christ's millennial reign commences as he casts Lucifer and his demons in prison for 1000 years, giving the Earth a much needed rest.

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