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A ruined Paris and the Eiffel Tower, 170 years in the future.

Distant Future

A ruined Paris and the Eiffel Tower,, 170 years after the final apocalypse
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170 years after the final holocaust, man must battle mutated versions of himself in a struggle that will determine the future of the human race.


170 years in the future, a rag tag tribe of humans struggles for survival. After a radioactive apocalypse, they have lived for generations on the Eiffel Tower, where two floor levels are converted into farming and rudimentary quarters. But an unusual drought has depleted their water supply and they are on the verge of starvation. Someone must descend to search for supplies but of the previous “volunteers” sent down, only one returned alive.
Many on the Tower themselves suffer mutations, and each month, a “Powdown” ceremony is held to “tell” past history and decide whether any tribe member turning four years old is sufficiently human to stay “up top”. Children found lacking are exiled to the ground, where they must fend for themselves among the more severely mutated. If they try to return, they are “hurled” back down from above.
At the ceremony, five tribe members, including tribe leaders Par and Big Jib, and Par’s son-in-law Tom are voted to take a makeshift cage elevator to the ground. They are accompanied by the appropriately named Harry Larry, muscular Mona and Tom’s daughter Nanky, a mute, four year old girl with a long tail, who, due to a tie Powdown vote, will have her fate decided based on her behavior on the ground.
The group makes their way through ruined Paris toward the Isle St. Louis, where deer were seen years earlier. On the way, they encounter a hostile band of mutated dogs, gigantic albino rats and a family of virtual ogres. Harry Larry dies dramatically in an encounter with the ogre father who bashes his skull with a sledge hammer. For most of their journey, they are watched by a horde of starving hare-lipped mutants, who cling to sides of buildings with webbed fingers.
Meanwhile, a massive conjoined set of mutant Siamese twins, Jax and Trax, roam the city in search of food. Jax’s head is well formed, but his nature is cruel and savage. Trax’s head is ape-like, contradicting his more sensitive disposition. Unfortunately for Trax, Jax controls most of their conjoined body. Jax impels the pair to mount the caged elevator left below and start the climb up the thick cable to find prey.
Elsewhere, the foraging party makes the Isle to find it inhabited by a large group of small mutants who look a lot like young Nanky, with tails and atrophied legs. The “Saved” as they call themselves, have converted the old Notre Dame cathedral into a town resembling a jungle gym, which they traverse via ropes and ladders.
After tense moments, the Saved accept the visitors when they see Nanky’s tail which is similar to theirs. They escort the group to the top of the cathedral, where they meet Yancey, a human survivor from the last Tower mission, who is also the long lost brother of Par’s wife Marm. Yancey explains he stayed behind because of the gentle nature of the Saved. He then shows the group a telescope he has used over the years to observe the Tower. When the humans look through it, they are shocked to see the conjoined mutants pulling themselves up the cable. They must get back to the Tower asap!
The Saved ambush the Harelips, who have been lying in wait for the humans when they leave the Saved’s compound. After an intense battle, the Saved prevail and provide the humans with deer meat, but water won’t be needed as clouds are gathering. Rain is coming!
Back at the Tower, the conjoined mutants reach the tribe’s levels. After spotting goats grazing on the upper level, they capture one and hide to devour it. In the meantime, Chubbs, Jib’s enormously fat, moronic son has managed to corral Tom’s pregnant wife Josie in a goat shed, where he intends to have his way with her.
The human group rushes back to the elevator cage, but not before losing Jib, who sacrifices himself to rescue Nanky from giant albino rats. The cage is pulled to the top by the tribe members, oblivious to the presence of the conjoined mutants above. However, Josie’s screams impel a rush up to the next level.
Her screams also alert the conjoined mutants. They burst into the goat shed where Chubb’s is about to rape her. Chubbs is gruesomely slaughtered by the mutants. who then loom over Josie. The slavering Jax has rape and a meal in mind!
Just as Jax is about to grab her, Trax grabs a pick-ax from the shed floor and skewers his brother through the skull, killing him. In doing so, he has doomed himself. The human group charges into the shed, ready to finish him off, but Josie stops them, blurting out that Trax saved her. She attempts to comfort Trax, who touches her hand with affection before dying just as it starts to rain.
Par, Marm and family gather together back at their hut for prayer and a meal. Par talks about their experiences with the Saved and Trax, concluding that despite bizarre appearances, these aberrations may in fact possess some of what was best in humans. It may be time to return to the ground…

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  • Russell Crow
    Russell Crow as Par
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  • See Below
    See Below as Mona
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