Cloud Whispers
Cloud Whispers
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The story takes place in a fictional town, Gem Valley. It's location is around Middletown, MD.

Present Day

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Submited by: Sedona Hutton (Writer)
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Katie Callahan regrets giving her daughter up for adoption. When fate brings a second chance at motherhood, an accident lands her in a coma. Waking on a cloud, she embarks on a journey of self-discovery. But can Katie’s knowledge transcend time and space to help her achieve her greatest wish of all?


Katie Callahan is shocked when her distant cousin’s will appoints her as legal guardian of her cousin’s daughter. Then she discovers the astonishing reason—the girl is her biological daughter, whose adoption was arranged by Katie’s father more than a decade ago. Katie, who struggles with infertility and who has always wondered about the daughter she gave up, is overjoyed by the prospect of being reunited with her daughter. There’s only one problem. She’s never told her husband Liam about her teenage pregnancy.

Before she can break the news, she and Liam are in a motorcycle accident that lands Katie in a coma. She awakens on a cloud. Her beloved (but deceased) dog, Bear, joins her along with her spirit guides, Posie and Black Eagle, who commit to teaching her how to her achieve her desires.

Back on Earth, Liam’s brother, Shane, moves into Liam and Katie’s home to help care for Liam’s sixteen-year-old daughter (Katie’s step-daughter) Cara. Shane worries that Liam’s not taking care of himself, so he works with Katie’s sister, Liz, to form a schedule so that Liam doesn’t have to handle the hospital vigil alone. The new schedule results in Liz and her teenage daughter, Sabby, moving into Liam and Katie’s place as well.

At the hospital, Liam runs into Katie’s upper-class parents. They’ve always disliked Liam, whom they deem unworthy of their daughter, so it’s no surprise that Katie’s dad, Mitch, blames him for the accident.

While playing house together, Liz and Shane—both unrepentant serial daters—discover a mutual attraction.

Meanwhile, Katie’s guides explain that the universe is vibratory. If one puts out positive thoughts, they will receive positive things in return. When people ask for something—via prayer, meditation, or through the power of thought and they truly believe—the universe begins its magic to deliver what was requested.

Shane takes Liz on a date. He talks about losing his parents as a teenager. Liam dropped everything to raise Shane and his gratitude knows no bounds. But Liam sometimes still sees himself as the irresponsible kid he was before their parents’ death.

Liam relieves Carolyn at the hospital, and they share a warm moment. When he’s alone with Katie, he slips a ring on her finger. She squeezes his finger in response.

Katie’s guides take her to an otherworldly dimension—a beach with warm red sand and two full moons. They show her how thoughts and actions at the individual level impact the collective consciousness.

Because Katie believes she will return home, her desire begins to materialize. After a tearful goodbye with her guides, she finds herself back in the hospital.

Katie learns that custody of Savannah was awarded to her cousin Gwen’s brother, Warren, because she missed the deadline in Gwen’s will. She’s devastated, but Liam gathers the family together and they agree to fight for Savannah. Katie falls into a funk and questions what her guides taught her about the Law of Attraction. Liam urges her to believe.

Shane and Liz house sit for Liam and Katie while they travel to Texas to see Savannah. In Texas, Savannah’s grandparents, are warm and inviting, but Warren, an unfit guardian, is determined to fight for custody in order to keep the caretakers fund. A dark secret from Liam’s past—an assault charge from a fight defending young Shane—further strengthens Warren’s case.

Katie tells Liam they have to believe. She asks Shane for help. Liam has never accepted his brother’s help because of pride and Shane’s feeling of indebtedness. But for Katie, he agrees.

Shane comes up with a creative plan and it works. Katie is elated when she’s awarded custody of Savannah.

Shane whisks Liz to Paris for the weekend. After telling her that he wants to give her the world, he proposes marriage and she agrees.

Liam finally transcends his feelings of inadequacy and agrees to coach a girls’ softball team for Savannah.

For Katie’s birthday, her parents have the entire family over—Liam and Shane included. Having her expanded family together is one of the best presents Katie could ask for. But there’s another—she’s finally pregnant! When she receives a ‘Believe’ T-shirt, she reflects on the power of believing. Her gaze drifts skyward. A large, puffy cloud whispers in her consciousness—The secret to life…Believe in your internal power to create the world you desire.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Anne Hathaway
    Anne Hathaway as Katie Callahan
    Female 29 Years old
  • Charlie Hunnam
    Charlie Hunnam as Liam Callahan
    Male 37 Years old
  • Brad Pitt
    Brad Pitt as Shane Callahan
    Male 34 Years old
  • Sandra Bullock
    Sandra Bullock as Liz Patterson
    Female 38 Years old

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