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– A rudimentary young student is robbed at gunpoint and decides to take control of his own safety by acquiring a firearm and must manage the responsibility and consequences that go along with it.


Matthew Blake is a pre-law student living with his girlfriend, Angela Roberts, and working at a gas station. One night, while closing, he is held at gun point and robbed. Shortly after the incident, Matthew decides to never feel helpless again. So, he gets a Concealed Weapons License and a firearm, while keeping it a secret from Angela. Angela discovers Matt’s secret through the mail and tells him to leave. Skylar Wall is an MMA fighter who is preparing for a fight. She is a constant victim of sexual harassment by Ryan Palinko, a fellow gym member. One night on a jog, she gets threatened by thugs. Matt sees Skylar being confronted and rescues her from her attackers. Anthony Gianetta and Dwayne Freeman are law enforcement officers who meet Matt the night of the robbery and are also chasing down three robbers Justin Perry, Carl Seahorn, and Winston “Wreck” Recker. Throughout Matt and Skylar’s journey, they encounter scenarios and with the help of their mentors Chris Stormer (A local gun store owner and Matt’s boss) and James “Jimmy” Heath (gym owner and MMA trainer) they will learn the responsibility of the power a weapon possesses.

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