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64-year-old Sylvia Morris seems like that vain and boozy older lady who wears a bikini and bakes herself in the sun, but a poolside-encounter with a young family reveals the struggle of a mother coping with loss from addiction and how she uses her annual vacation to Orlando to find nourishment and solace in the sun.


Sylvia Morris may be 64, but she can still rock a red bikini at the pool in Orlando, where she and her husband Stanley go every year for 3 weeks to escape the winter in Ohio. They spend their days drinking beer and sunbathing, working on the deepest, darkest tan possible.

Sylvia encounters a young family playing poolside and drunkenly likens them to her own daughter's family who recently visited. She is pulled even further into the past, to the time her kids--Diane and Dale--were young and her missteps as a mother when Dale fell into addiction and died.

As she remembers her son is now frozen in time, deep in the cold earth of Ohio, just bones inside a navy suit from Sears, Sylvia transforms from the vain and boozy old lady at the pool into a grieving mom seeking nourishment and solace in the sun. Her deep dark tan hides her deep dark secret from the outside world.

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  • Sylvia Morris
    Female 64 Years old
  • Stanley Morris
    Male 64 Years old
  • Kelly
    Female 33 Years old
  • Diane
    Female 20 Years old
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