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Revere, Massachusetts, United States

Story takes place throughout the North Shore (Boston, Cambridge, Revere, Lynn, Peabody) and Southern New Hampshire's seacoast.

Present Day

Set in present conflict with technology, historical events or politics.
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What if a man witnesses the brutal murder of a Mafia boss’ wife, by the Mafia boss himself, subsequently receives bribes and threats not to testify--including a bomb wired to his car--only to find there is someone more sinister in the game that wants him dead?


Alex Porter climbs into his Mercedes convertible at Logan International Airport. When he starts the car, a CD begins to play and he hears a stranger’s voice: “Hello Alex.” The ominous message informs him that a bomb is hot-wired under his seat…if he tries to contact anyone the bomb will be remote detonated. It’s also pressure-activated; so either way, Alex will miss the “swearing in.” Based on the events of the past ten months, Alex knows the Mafia means business and that this latest threat is to ensure he doesn’t testify at the murder trial in a few days.
In the car accident he witnessed ten months earlier at Revere Beach, a woman is brutally murdered. Approaching the overturned car, Alex witnesses a man slitting a woman’s throat with a shard of glass. Alex is now the U.S. Justice Department's star witness against New England’s crime boss Vince Vionelli. Over the past ten months, the Vionelli’s--mainly Vince’s son, Michael--has tried numerous times to intimidate and persuade Alex not to testify. When a bribe fails to deter Alex, the mob counters with threats against his daughter.
Kate, an honor student at the University of New Hampshire & Air Force ROTC pilot candidate, is scheduled to graduate and commission in just a few days. Alex sadly reflects on his wife, and Kate’s mother. Lauren Porter suffered from manic depression and had succumbed to suicidal despair seven years earlier. Friends, and some professional counseling, had helped get father and daughter through that tough period in their lives. Those tough times strengthened his relationship with Kate, though tested when Alex had found the need to protect her from two wayward relationships. The first was an old high school boyfriend, Bryan Smith, a drug dealer that Alex turned into the police. The most recent was a married Army ROTC instructor. Alex had reported the affair to the captain’s superiors.
Alex now faces the biggest challenge of his life. He needs to contact his lawyer, and best friend, Joe Prater. But the warning was clear. He heads toward New Hampshire to somehow warn Kate. He receives warnings via notes on his windshield, while he’s asleep in a rest area, and a beeper strategically placed by the airport intruder in the glove box, to turn back.
Listening to the message again, Alex finds inconsistencies that he’d previously missed. The part about missing the “swearing in.” Alex had assumed the note referred to the murder trial and having to “swear to tell the truth…” But what if the stranger is referring to the oath of office Alex would be administering to Kate this weekend? He wonders if it’s really the murder trial his captor wants him to miss, or could it be Kate’s commissioning ceremony? Alex now questions if it was the mob that planted the bomb.
After devising a plan of action, Alex drives to Joe Prater’s home in Lynnfield. He is now armed with a gun, a cell phone and a note containing news from the outside world--including the fact that Vince Vionelli had died of a heart attack, and Michael blames Alex for his father’s death. But who planted the bomb? The only other person Alex can think of is the Army captain. On Joe’s advice, Alex breaks off one of the car’s sun visors and lowers the mirror to get a look at the bomb. Using his Army background, Joe is able to identify the device--by Alex’s description--as a military land mine.
The captain had means and motive…he was recently passed over for promotion and reprimanded for an improper relationship with Kate. He also had access to training munitions. In addition, his wife had recently died in a mysterious car accident--a bomb was suspected. Alex decides to confront the captain and coerces him into the car at gunpoint. The captain denies everything and claims he is being framed. He’s able to disarm the land mine, and together, the two men come up with a prime suspect. Sean Barker, a student that had befriended Kate, but lately had been acting strangely. There is one question: How is Barker linked to Alex?
The two men find overwhelming evidence in Barker’s dorm room. Even more disturbing is a shortlist of names marked for execution--the name of the captain’s late wife is lined out. Alex and Kate’s names are also on the list. Rushing over to the ROTC building, the two men discover that Barker is actually Kate’s old high school boyfriend, Bryan Smith. Alex is stunned to also learn that Kate failed her commissioning physical and had been diagnosed with a bipolar disorder. He tracks them to his wife’s gravesite and finds Smith in Kate’s car…dead of a gunshot wound. He rushes to Lauren’s gravesite and finds Kate standing in front of her mom’s tombstone.
She points a gun at Alex and blames him for her mother’s death…explaining how she used the captain and Smith—as well as the trouble with the Mafia—to make Alex’s life as miserable as her life has been since she found her mother’s body seven years earlier. Alex is shocked and pleads with her to no avail. Kate turns the gun on herself and dies in her father’s arms.
The day after Kate’s services, Alex sits in the Mercedes. He hears a CD begin to play and Michael Vionelli’s voice, “Good-bye Alex.”

  • Joe Porrazzo

    Joe Porrazzo Perfect opportunity for Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to return to their Good Will Hunting roots. Solemnly Swear takes place in the Boston area and the riveting suspense thriller would capture a world-wide audience.

    One year ago -

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  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon as Alex Porter
    Male 44 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Ben Affleck
    Ben Affleck as Michael Vionelli
    Male 42 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Mary Elle Fanning
    Mary Elle Fanning as Kate Porter
    Female 22 Years old
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