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The action in Divine Prey takes place in the Kingdom of Fandelyon and its southern mountains.

Fictitious World

Set in a universe similar to our own in a medieval-style setting, the story features magic and magical creatures.
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Set against the fate of empires, a headstrong princess must confront her destiny when assassins try to prevent her from ever fulfilling it.


Set against the backdrop of impending war and the fate of empires, Princess Caroline finds herself pushed into a destiny she doesn’t want when soldiers attack her in the mountains.
She escapes into the forest with the help of two sorcerers she doesn’t trust, but her enemies follow, determined to prevent a prophecy they believe Caroline will fulfil. Desperate to survive, Caroline flees deeper into the mountains where fate betrays her to a bloodthirsty werewolf - and forces her onto the path of prophecy.
Inflicted with lycanthropy, Caroline's struggle to return home turns lethal when she is forced to draw on the curse’s power to save her life. She is mortified when she discovers the curse has awakened her own budding magical abilities. Despite her fears, she remains determined to hide her dangerous secrets and create as normal a life as possible.
Caroline makes it home to safety with her enemies closing in, she realises the prophecy can only come true if she ascends the throne, something that can only happen if her father and siblings die.
Determined to protect her family, she makes the most difficult decision possible; she leaves the comfortable life she'd always known.
Despite turning her back on her father’s protection and the schemes of Gods, she doesn’t realise the Gods still watch her, and that the final battle has only just began.
Published in 2018
Book 2: Divine Changeling
Caroline finds herself ensnared in the machinations of Gods when her companions try to find the location of the Power of Ages. She eventually faces an agonising choice; take up her Gods-granted destiny, or risk seeing her people destroyed.
Book 3: Divine Warlord
Now on the path to war, Caroline begins uniting the human nations only to realise the biggest sacrifice she will be asked to make will be her own life.
Book 4: Divine Champion
The final book in the saga sees Caroline struggling to defend her empire while her enemies plan to challenge the very Gods themselves.

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  • Caroline duFandelyon
    Female 16 Years old
  • Elias
    0 21 Years old
  • Kirsty duPrey
    Female 15 Years old

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