Dreams of Amelia
Dreams of Amelia
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Fernandina Beach, Florida, United States

Set on and around Amelia Island, FL

Present Day

Also set in Amelia Island in 1927. Main characters had a past life at that time.
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A psychic teen’s new romance and ultimately her life are threatened by a dangerous nemesis from a past lifetime, and from her present paranormal connection to a missing child.


An interracial couple is murdered on a Florida island in 1927. Ninety years later, psychic teen, Norah James moves to the island from Toronto, Canada and sees the ghost of Jenny Lee, the slain young woman. Norah had hoped to leave her psychic abilities behind but soon suspects that she was Jenny Lee in a past life.

Norah’s nemesis has also returned as Elliot, the brother of her new friend Ashley.
Sparks fly between Norah and Ryan Flynn, her rescuer from an ocean riptide. Norah is astounded by her attraction to Ryan, who’s dating the beautiful, wealthy Ashley.

Norah faces challenges at a séance in a cemetery, an extravagant Island wedding, and at a party at Miranda’s who is Ashley’s best friend and a classic mean girl. Elliot’s assault on Norah at the party leads to a dramatic break-up between Ryan and Ashley. When they’re trapped together overnight during a hurricane, Norah and Ryan’s romance begins.

An antique journal chronicles Norah and Ryan’s past life as Jenny Lee and Charles, a black, jazz musician. The scenes flash back to 1927 when Ryan reads the journal. Elliot was Randall in this past life and it’s revealed that he cruelly murdered the young lovers when Jenny Lee rejected him. Norah has visions of the 1920s lifetime that are validated by the journal.

Norah’s psychic gifts become national news when she leads the police to the body of a missing child and provides valuable clues to the crime. She’s hounded by the news media and others who hope she can find their missing loved ones. Norah’s abilities become a blessing and a curse.

Norah’s worst nightmare comes true when Granger, the child’s murderer, abducts Norah. Paranormal help comes to her aid but Granger gets away. Norah’s relief is short-lived. Granger comes back for her again, but this time the police rescue her.

Elliot’s violent attack on a friend of Norah’s culminates in a confrontation on the same wharf where Jenny Lee and Charles were murdered. In a drunken rage, Elliot pulls a gun on Norah and Ryan. Norah tackles Elliot, sending the weapon skidding across the dock. Miranda, who had followed Elliot, retrieves the gun. She fires at Norah. Ryan dives in front of the bullet, is struck and ends up in a coma.

Norah receives a psychic sign that Ryan has come out of the coma and she rushes to the hospital. When he recovers, they are finally able to continue the love story they began so long ago. They take a sunset sail under the bridge where Norah first arrived on the Island.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Norah James
    Female 17 Years old
  • Ryan Flynn
    Male 18 Years old
  • Elliot Richardson
    Male 22 Years old
  • Jenny Lee Bourgeau
    Female 17 Years old

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