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United States

Terorrism can occur anywhere at any time. It could be coming to a city near you.

Present Day

Current day, USA
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Submited by: Stephen Martino (Writer)
Writer(s): Daryl Brooks
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A foreign-born terrorist, now legally on American soil, is caught preparing to bring death from her native country of Afghanistan to the states. After failing to reveal the details of an impending terrorist attack, the FBI must decide whether to implement enhanced interrogation tactics.


RANIM HAMADEI, a foreign-born terrorist, now finds herself legally on American soil, preparing to bring the terror and death from her native country of Afghanistan to the states. Caught in a routine FBI sting operation, Hamadei’s plot for a 9-11 type terrorist attack is accidently uncovered.

The problem is, the FBI doesn’t know how, doesn’t know where, and doesn’t know by whom the attack will take place. What they do ascertain is that an enormous explosive, that will make Timothy McVey’s fertilizer bomb seem like a sparkler, is set to detonate the following day, on 9-11 at exactly 8:48 AM to commemorate the famed Al Qaeda attack.

The FBI grows weary as their intense, yet standard, interrogation techniques fail to produce meaningful results. Escalating the grilling, they threaten Hamadei with Abu Ghraib-type torture and show her pictures of the atrocities committed at the Iraqi prison camp. However, Hamadei fails to crack and remains as cold as her stone-faced façade.

The FBI brings matters all the way up to the White House where clandestine team including a Trump-like PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, a stern matter-of-fact ex-military veteran SECREATARY OF HOMELAND SECURITY, and a devout Christian FBI DIRECTOR debate whether to escalate the intensity of Hamadei’s questioning and implement more aggressive enhanced interrogation methods. While the FBI Director and Secretary of Homeland Security each attempt to persuade the president with their divergent points of view, Hamadei’s terrorist associates set out with a bus full of explosives, poised to blow up an entire school filled with children.

The line between what is right and what is moral becomes blurred as the President must make his final decision. With the grade school at a distance, the bus full of explosives drives towards the unsuspecting building. Upon nearing its target, the bus is stopped by police and FBI vans. With no other option, the driver commits suicide, and the bomb is disarmed. The President’s eventual order to waterboard Hamadei proves beneficial as vital information was garnered from her enhanced interrogation.

Enhanced Interrogation will make you grapple with your own spiritual and ethical beliefs, and keep you thinking long after watching the movie. What is more important or moral to you: America and Americans first or the rights of terrorist captured on US soil? You decide.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Antoinette Elias
    Antoinette Elias as Ranim Hamadei
    Female 25 Years old
  • Kevin Cusick
    Kevin Cusick as FBI Director Andrew
    Male 52 Years old
  • Rex Carroll
    Rex Carroll as Homeland Security Officer George
    Male 62 Years old
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