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Streets of Manhatten, Yacht on the Hudson River, Green Mountians of Vermont, The Famous Present Day Restaurant in NY City: Rao's Restaurant

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A tenacious young Broadway actress meets and falls in love with a charming alcoholic who has a secret, he is a Catholic priest.
Their love story, hidden from the Church, unfolds into interactions with lyricist Paul Francis Webster and Vincent Rao, consigliore for the Lucchese crime family.


Everybody Calls my Father, Father is based on the true life love story of the author’s parents.

The year is 1946, two people gaze into each other’s eyes in the infamous Rao’s Italian Restaurant, owned by a New York City Gangster.

Bouvette Sherwood, a successful Broadway actress and producer, becomes infatuated with a handsome but mysterious friend of the owner, Hughie Hewitt.

Unknown to her during their intense courtship, he has a secret that could sabotage their relationship and alter her life forever: he is a Catholic priest.

Before they consummate their relationship he confesses that he, indeed, is a priest.

In a passionate scene on a romantic cruise ship on the Hudson river they break off their relationship which sends him into an alcoholic stupor and his priesthood becomes threatened by an overly ambitious monsignor.

At the request of Vincent Rao, Hughie’s best friend, Bouvette rushes to his aid and helps him regain his sobriety, but in doing so their attraction is intensified.

The unexpected twists and passionate turns of this true love story will keep your eyes racing to finish each sentence.

The consequences of their relationship will make you gasp. The strength and resilience of this devoted, caring woman will make your jaw drop while softening your heart.

This book is filled with humor, anger, passion, sadness and optimism.

Kudos to the author for exposing to the world the sins of the Catholic Church.


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Cast Wish-List
  • Jennifer Lawrence
    Jennifer Lawrence as Bouvette Sherwood
    Female Late 20's Years old
  • Tim Robbins, George Clooney
    Tim Robbins, George Clooney as Hugie Hewitt
    Male early 40's Years old

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