Falling Into Winter
Falling Into Winter
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Nashville, Indiana, United States

Small Town - Farming Community

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Late 1980s to Early 1990s
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Submited by: Thomas Bartlett (Writer)
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Andrew Simms

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From tragedy to triumph, from despair to hope, from heartbreak to love.

Inspired by actual events. A poignant and sensitive story, giving us a luminous peek into the trials and tribulations of a hard-working young woman, born and raised on a small farm in Indiana.


After moving into a “charming, unassuming” old house in southern Indiana, a woman finds decades worth of journals, stories, and photographs in the desk drawers of the dead previous owner, Jack Blade.

A figure skater, mime, and handyman, Jack recorded his life touring the country, working odd jobs, and jotting down tales of the interesting people he encountered.

When he learned that he didn’t have long to live, he mused, “I have battled my fear of publishing ever since I put thoughts to paper, and now…it’s too late.” The book then segues to journal entries chronicling the second-chance love story of Winter, a waitress Jack befriends while employed at a lodge in Brown County, Indiana. He finds Winter gorgeous but prides himself on the fact that they have developed a “firm and true” friendship even though he’d like more. When Jack opens up about his losses and regrets, Winter thaws, sitting him down one day to share details of her own past. Her tale is one of grief: Tragedy “struck Winter hard, harder than most,” Jack warns. “Not once, not twice, but three times.” But he reassures readers that ultimately the story will be hopeful.

A self-consciously feel-good story about the search for happiness.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Jack Blade
    Male Late 20s Years old
  • Winter
    Female Late 20s Years old
  • Simon
    Male Middle 40s Years old
  • Ash
    Male Early 30s Years old

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