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Chicago, Illinois, United States

The protagonist "lives" between work at a medical facility (called Antibodies, in case you're curious) and a crumby attic apartment a couple blocks away.

Present Day

Night time. The city. Any city after 10PM. That's when the monsters come out to play: when the sane are slumbering and blissfully unaware of the realm of the nocturnal.
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Snarky, 20-something vampire girl makes her morbid, wacky way in the world of the humans with the help of her buddies (werewolves, witches, gorgons, dragons, and a whole lot of other things that go bump in the night ).


Let's face it; vampires in books and movies have been done TO DEATH. What once were pale, shiver-inducing faces on the printed page and silver screen are now printed on T-shirts and worn by small girls in shopping malls. Dracula knows he has not been defanged ONLY because HOLLYWOOD thinks fangs are “in” right now. Instead, he is sent to outer space, forced to fight Billy the Kid, and suffers endless other indignities far beneath his cunning and class. With so much taming of the horror genre going on by greedy people who don't respect it, it was only a matter of time before clever vampires started rebelling with the last thing the humans expected... a sense of humor about themselves.

Enter Mary Faust: a buxom young vampire girl with bills to pay, a "day" job, and a whole heap of identity issues trying to take her hard won, off-kilter place in the human world. Cursed by heaven and nominally tolerated by mankind, Mary and her brother Peter halfheartedly embrace their roles as the heroes of their own story and the villains in stories of their mortal counterparts. Like human misfits, the Family Faust gets by with a little help from their friends… except with friends like werewolves, zombies, and other immortals, Mary and Peter’s night life is livelier by far than that of the most dedicated of boogeymen.

FAUST FORWARD is collection of glimpses into the private “lives” of the semi-civilized, apartment dwelling undead. 2 out of 3 vampires agree, " 'Bats' entertainment," and hope you will, too.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Zoe Quinn
    Zoe Quinn as Mary Faust
    Female 26 Years old
  • Michael Cade
    Michael Cade as Peter Faust
    Male 0 Years old

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