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Orlando, Florida, United States

Anywhere there are dog races and a family farm/orchard

Present Day

Any time from 2010 to 2017 (or whenever)
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Submited by: Jordan Rivers (Writer)
Writer(s): Bob Cook
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A foster family rescues an abused Greyhound and when the family suffers a major crisis, the greyhound rescues them right back.


Danny has been shuttled from foster home to foster home all of his life and doesn't feel he fits in anywhere, so he's not very open to giving his new foster home a chance. So Danny gets a job at a dog racing track cleaning up. There Danny befriends a dog that hasn't won any races and acts about as "left out" as Danny feels. Upon hearing the dog's owner talk of putting the dog down, Danny barters for the dog in lieu of his pay and takes the abused animal home. After nursing "Foster" back to health, Danny trains the dog to heal and fetch - which the smart little greyhound takes to easily. Finally, both Danny and Foster seem to have found the love and safety they have both desperately needed.

Liz Hayes knows how Danny feels. She's the natural born daughter in the family but with her parents constantly fostering kids, she's felt passed over as if she weren't good enough. Liz has distanced herself physically by becoming a attorney in another town and emotionally by only visiting occasionally. By doing so, she doesn't recognize that her long-time foster brother Michael has more than brotherly feelings for her.

When the head of the foster clan, Walter, has a heart attack, Danny decides that the best way he and Foster can help is if Foster wins the grand prize at the County Fair as the purse would help with the medical bills. Racing Foster out of town for no money allows for Danny and Foster's co-sponsor Otis, to prove Foster has the potential to win at the fair.

However, word gets back to the dog's former owner Curtis about the promising greyhound and he sets out to keep the dog from racing. By filing charges of theft against Danny and asking for an injunction, he has Foster taken away from Danny. Without a bill of sale and with one of Curtis' goons testifying, it doesn't look like Danny stands a chance. And, for once, Danny has to place his trust in his new foster family's ability to help him.

Liz, now home to help with her father's recovery, represents Danny and Foster. Her court filing rescues the greyhound from the pound, putting him back into Danny's arms. At the hearing, Liz trips up Curtis with abuse allegations using a report from a vet. Not wanting to lose his racing license, Curtis gives up all claims against Danny. But the judge orders a complete inspection of Curtis' racing facility - at Curtis' expense - and now Curtis has another court date with the angry judge.

With Liz at home nursing her father and prepping the court case, Michael finally has a chance to woo her properly. Liz suddenly realizes it's Michael she's been avoiding to protect her heart. Like Danny, Liz now opens up her heart too.

Foster wins the County Fair race and is retired to stud just as Danny had promised him - win or lose.

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  • Danny Walker
    Male 17 Years old
  • Sarah Anderson
    Female 17 Years old
  • Molly Simmons
    Female 10 Years old
  • Nick Simmons
    Male 13 Years old
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