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The locations are Island city states not unlike BC Greece. The islands need high cliffs, and dark water. A deserted beach or desert is also needed along with a jungle, dark tunnels of the underworld, and snow covered mountains. Many locations might need CGI to make them realistic/believable.

Fictitious World

Shortly after the planets dark ages. Some mixed technologies, specifically concerning the sailing ships.
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When city-states battle, the lives of residents are forever altered. Rulers and commoners alike share the burden of overcoming war and pestilence in a desperate fight for survival. This is the brutal story of betrayal and death. Set on a world dominated by high cliff islands circled by deep waters.


There are times in which nothing is certain, in which no one’s life or destiny can be taken for granted. There are lands where battles still scar the earth, and in which rival kingdoms never cease striving for dominance. In such times, and in such places, life is cheap, and death comes quickly. During such times and places, there are victors and victims… and nothing in between. In Fractured Lands, author Greg Alldredge takes us into a bold new heart of fantasy darkness and leaves us shaken, thrilled, and eager for more.
The seven-book series Fractured Lands is ready for a series or film adaptation. Set on a far-off world that has suffered a cosmic catastrophe, the inhabitants are just emerging from a dark age. Race was not taken into account when I wrote the books. Contact between the islands is via the risky travel over the deep waters that separate the islands. Written in the flavor of Game of Thrones, Black Sails, or Spartacus; given the levels of violence an R rating would be most appropriate.
The story follows the lives of three ruling families from Zar, Perdition, and Abaraka. Several side stories from secondary roles are followed as the people fight to survive.
Some main storylines.
We’re introduced to Kanika, who is engaged in a spiraling struggle to keep one step ahead of death. She tries to find her path in an uncaring world. When a mysterious man enters her life, a thousand questions rise from the depths: Who is he? How will he affect her path? Can he be trusted? Does she need a man in her life? Her story twists around the islands, and takes her from the first officer of the trader ship Resolute, slave, captain and eventually to Pirate Queen.
From beginning to end the man known as the Spy worked for the highest bidder. Able to slip in amongst any class of residents he fought to maintain his anonymity. “Call me Count Felspar,” When those words slipped from his lips, the Spy made a conscious decision to follow a cause. He pledged his skills and life to the youngest Villa child, Della. Will this decision lead to his undoing?
Zorra Villa, a daughter of Zar, is asked to make the ultimate sacrifice to bring peace to the land. Before they celebrate an armistice, death strikes. Will Zorra and her new husband Ollie Shoemaker from Perdition be able to overcome their differences and bring peace to both their cites? The two teens work hard to bring stability as both of their islands slip into the blood-soaked dark ages.
With a wedding between Ollie and Zorra, the conflict between Zar and Perdition is settled, but attacks continue against Perdition’s neighbor to the south. Zorra must give up her childhood for the good of the people. After rebellion chases her out of the city, she is driven north to a dead land of desert, where her story truly begins.
Hope Shoemaker of Perdition looks for any chance to better her position. Magic and the demons that control it seems like the surest way to better her standing in the world. For Hope, her quest for power is secondary to everything else. Anyone that gets in the way of her climb to the throne will be cast aside. She doesn’t need to murder all of her family to gain power, a few of them die of natural causes.
Saunders Coleson, a priest of the First Son, from the city of Abaraka, is lost in the endless darkness of the underworld. The sunlight and warmth from the temple in Abaraka a distance memory, now his world revolves around staying alive against the monstrous creatures that inhabit the tunnels under the shard. Eventually, he is saved by a strange woman of the mountains, and taken as her slave. He will survive long enough to be named Head Priest of his Order and de facto ruler of his city.
In Zar, the youngest daughter, Della Villa’s search for the truth led to her capture. Her unlikely hero, the rogue known only as her Black Knight (The Spy), came to the rescue, pulling her from the wilderness. The return to her city should have been joyous, but a rebellion took its toll on the citizens. Gangs and plague now ravage the once free city of Zar. All means of escape have been blocked, the city choked for survival. Drawn north like so many others Della meets up with several survivors, ready to battle to save the humans of the land.
Called to the desolate Great Beach, disperate players join forces to battle the wicked mage Hope Shoemaker. An alliance of convenience is made, even if factions stand at odds concerning multiple issues. Mistrust runs high amongst those that aim to destroy the evil covering the land.
All questions will answer themselves as we wander through the dark fantasy of The Fractured Lands, and as we’re dragged towards the thrilling conclusion of this stunning work of immersive fiction.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Tom Hiddleston
    Tom Hiddleston as Count Feldspar
    Male 28-30 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Maisie Williams
    Maisie Williams as Della Villa
    Female 12-14 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Zoe Kravitz
    Zoe Kravitz as Hope Shoemaker
    Female 18-24 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Annie Ilonzeh
    Annie Ilonzeh as Kanika
    Female 20-25 Years old
    © Getty Images
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