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A gay saloon in the Old West. It’s snit and slap fights, double entendres, catty insinuations, and snide and facetious remarks as the boys prepare to slap leather.


The boys are having gay old time drinking cocktails and watching the chorus line of male impersonators, when ROMERO the gay caballero rides into town, sitting tall in the saddle cuz he sits on the horn. He is accompanied by his faithful sidekick SILLY SAVAGE, whose assortment of scalps consists of stylized hairpieces.

Romero and Silly Savage enter the saloon, Romero announcing he is trailing NASTY DICK: the desperado who shot the dingo balls off Skip-Along Garrity, takes beaver pelts from squaws, and is spreading terror and hoof-and-mouth throughout the territory.

Nasty Dick arrives and challenges Romero to a gunfight. Nasty aims to rid the territory of those types of men who prefer bathhouses to bunkhouses and are such dandies that they carry handkerchiefs even when wearing long-sleeved shirts. Nasty and Romero exchange insults and accusations loaded with double entendres and snide and facetious remarks, which is supplemented with catty remarks by the surrounding patrons. This series of verbal potshots leads to the gunshots that will determine who will reign as king or queen of the wild frontier.

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