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Veneto, Italy


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New Venice, Italy. Modern and developed yet similar setting.
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Submited by: Natlie Bartholomew (Writer)
Writer(s): David Pitt
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Killed by their own, they are given a second chance by an unknown force to return and defend the city of New Venice.


In New Venice Italy, an entire city fed up of corruption. Gangsters’ desired for power and control over corporate Venice. Four Gangsters; Frankie, Tony, Tham and Mikey are hired by Antoine Cante’ the Lead Mafia of New Venice to conduct certain assassinations of anyone that poses a threat to his business and other assailants that are not carrying out their duties.

Tham, the leader of the four has a personality that changes on a dime. It is impossible to figure him out. Tham is angry and vengeful having being raised under abusive conditions and a mother who didn’t care to do anything in his defense. He blames her for choosing to stay in an abusive relationship and doing nothing to protect him. Now an adult, he is shaped by his past, and ready to defend the innocent.

Mikey lost both of his parents at the very young age of 10 and have since been on his own. He made friends with the less fortunate in the underground slums of New Venice, who on occasion provided for him. 20 years later, he’s the only shot they got.

Frankie was born into a mafia family and was only nine years old when he witnessed his entire family being Assassinated. Ever since, he’s been bent on revenging his family. The fact that Frankie was so young when he lost his parents, now 25 years later: he didn’t realize that he was hired by the very people responsible for his parent’s death. Frankie can be kind and remorseful, but is easily swayed when under pressure.

Tony on the other hand was raised in a very normal yet very well off household; with caring parents that gave him everything; now an adult, he wants it all.

Of all the mafia subgroups, these four are becoming too powerful. Their Superiors has recognized this and is beginning to fear the four assailants. In an effort to regain control, the mafia eliminated the four Gangsters. As they sunk deep within the waters of the Grand Canal, the four Gangsters are given a second chance by an unknown force to return to New Venice to rid the city of crime and save their souls.

Finally, a city’s cries for a hero is heard, when the four Gangsters returns as unrecognizable heroes; with supernatural strengths and other nonhuman abilities to defend the innocent and rid the city of Crime.

  • Natlie Bartholomew

    Natlie Bartholomew Hey guys, please check out this project, it's a definite "Must See" It's a script my husband wrote. David has many ideas, but there's something really different about this one. Open to comments, feedback and offers. Thank you!

    11 months ago -

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Cast Wish-List
  • Ray Liotta
    Ray Liotta as THAM
    Male 63 Years old
  • Vin Diesel
    Vin Diesel as FRANKIE
    Male 50 Years old
  • Vince Vaughn
    Vince Vaughn as TONY
    Male 48 Years old
  • Kevin James
    Kevin James as MIKEY
    Male 48 Years old
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