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A prominent family in Ireland is torn apart by a deadly accident. Sir Andrew turns away from his crippled daughter, Calina, because he cannot bare the sight of her. He slips into a depression and turns to alcohol for comfort. Sir Andrew’s estranged sister for help. Lady Amelia not backing down from her brother’s fury gives him an ultimatum.


A castle in Ireland, Sir Andrew anxiously awaits the return of his wife and daughter from a trip to America. Sir Andrew can’t shake the eerie feeling he had been having all day. Edward, the butler, told him he was just anxious because it was their first venture alone. Lady Olivia and Calina return home, and the family goes to the Center, a lovely village of little shops decorated for Christmas. Lady Olivia goes to the Old-World bookstore to buy a book for Calina. The owner comes with a box and places the new books on the counter. Lady Olivia picked up the book and examines it. The owner informed her that it was an American author who was getting a lot of attention. She told the man, that her daughter was fascinated with America and that the book would be perfect.
Calina picks out the largest Christmas tree on the lot. The enormous tree arrives the next day. The family gets together to decorate. Sir Andrew summoned the servants to come and share in a glass of wine, and he made a toast. Edward was playing the violin while the others decorated the tree. Sir Andrew lifts his young daughter Calina to place the glass angel of 9 years on top of the tree. She loses balance and falls into the arms of her father; the glass angel shatters on the floor. Calina is devastated. Sir Andrew is called away on an urgent matter. Lady Olivia told Sir Andrew she would go and get a new tree top. Sir Andrew sternly told her to wait for him to finish it would not take long. Against the wishes of her husband, Lady Olivia and Calina summon a driver to take them out in a snowstorm to replace the angel. The storm was worsening and became white-out conditions. Lady Olivia agreed to turn back. The driver goes to wipe the fog from the window, a truck crossways on the winding road caused the driver to lose control of the car, and it slides down an embankment. Calina cries out to her mother. Overcome by their injuries Lady Olivia and Calina find themselves in heaven. A man in white appears and explains to Calina that she must go back she still has work to do. Calina feels responsible because she broke the angel. Lady Olivia assures Calina that one day the glass angel will be replaced.
Calina wakes in the hospital her legs paralyzed. Sir Andrew orders the servants to remove the tree and all the Christmas decorations prior to their arrival home. Calina upset about the Christmas decorations, asked if there had been any presents for her. Sir Andrew remembered her mother had bought her an American book. He went to the master bedroom and started tearing the room apart looking for the book. Edward helps him find it. Sir Andrew gives the book to Calina. Inside her mother had written her a personal note. Sir Andrew was overwhelmed with grief. Over time he begins to turn away from his crippled daughter because he cannot bare the sight of her. He slips into a depression and turns to alcohol for comfort. Calina in the absence of her father, befriends the American book author, Aubree Saint John, over the internet.
Edward the head butler does the unthinkable. He contacts Sir Andrew’s estranged sister for help. Lady Amelia an elite red head, with attitude, not backing down from her brother’s fury, gives him an ultimatum. She threatens to take Calina from him. Lady Amelia knew her work was cut out for her trying to break through her brother’s bitter barrier. He never forgave her when she took off and left him to take over the family business and care for their father and mother alone.
Sir Andrew was shocked to find out that Calina already knew Lady Amelia. He went off on a rant feeling betrayed, only to find out his wife Lady Olivia had been keeping his sister up to date all these years. Sir Andrew realizing the error of his ways made amends with his sister. Lady Amelia was becoming close with Calina and planned an extravagant birthday party. Complete with a baby elephant. Lady Amelia received a call and sadly had to return to her fashion studio. Sir Andrew was furious. He accused her of running off and leaving him again. Lady Amelia told him she could not be Calina’s mother. He needed to find her a mother and a wife for himself. Lady Amelia went to say goodbye to Calina. She saw the American author’s book on the dresser. “I know this Author” she said. Together Calina and Lady Amelia come up with a plan for the American author, Aubree, and her father to meet.
Lady Amelia returns to her fashion studio to find Aubree had dropped by for a visit. She explained how she and Calina were getting close. Lady Amelia puts her plan into action. She calls Sir Andrew and tells him she needs the castle for a Gala in a couple of weeks to debut her innovative designs.
Over the next few weeks, Sir Andrew begins to come to terms the death of his wife. Going through her things, he finds her bible marked with colored paper. He takes it to Calina, and she explained how the pink colors were her favorite verses and the yellow was her mother’s favorites. Calina and her father become close again.
The time had come for the Gala. Lady Amelia arrives at the Castle, Aubree was hiding in the floor having second thoughts about the plan. Lady Amelia hides Aubree in the castle so that Sir Andrew would not see her too soon. Dressed in Lady Amelia’s best evening gown design, Aubree came down the elegant staircase; it was love at first sight.
Christmas time. Sir Andrew, Calina and Aubree were decorating the tree. The beautiful American author gives a gift to Calina and her father. Inside the box was a beautiful glass angel. Calina and her father hand it to Aubree, she takes the angel climbs the ladder to place it on top of the tree. As she was coming down, Sir Andrew kneels at the bottom. A ring box in hand. Aubree covers her mouth. She shakes her head yes. The Angel at the top of the tree it gives a heavenly glow.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Rupert Penry Jones
    Rupert Penry Jones as Sir Andrew
    Female 43 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Kate Walsh
    Kate Walsh as Lady Amelia
    Female 40 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Calina
    Female 9 Years old
    © Getty Images
  • Colin Firth
    Colin Firth as Edward
    Female 50's Years old
    © Getty Images
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