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Los Angeles, California, United States

Feel the adventure and heartbeat of the streets of Los Angeles 1921-1954

Distant Past

The series ranges from the 1920's through the 1950's
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Cable Denning is the main character. He is complicated, handsome and has a way with the ladies. This 23 book series is filled with elements of romance, sci-fi, mystery and adventure.


Golden Throat is the premier release of a non-stop murder mystery series set in the 1930’s L.A. by the atmospheric and detailed author, James P. Alsphert. Golden Throat is about the life and times of Cable Denning, an ex-cop turned private eye who faces head-on the forces and violence of an unjust world both in this and other dimensions. Alsphert introduces Cable Denning, a hero and vigilante of this spell-binding 23-book murder mystery series. As an L.A. policeman, he is disillusioned with the corruption within the L.A.P.D., and he ultimately opts for the life of a private detective and the adventure begins.
The beginning of the book opens at what first appears to be a typical crime scene. Cable accidentally stumbles upon a mysterious golden capsule lodged in the throat of a not-quite human victim at the local morgue. This results in a dangerous and covert case that will follow and haunt him as he is pursued by sinister underground criminals and powerful organizations, both terrestrial and non-terrestrial.
The case requires searching for a RED DRAGON LADY named Lei-Tao, the chosen protector of a stolen capsule and a shape-changer who transforms herself into an exquisitely beautiful female form. Lei-Tao transports Cable to her dimension where she reveals to him the secrets of the precious capsule, known as the fen de fuqin, which holds the blueprint of DNA, the helixes of human design and the what and why of creation. Cable is transfixed by her beauty and Lei-Tao’s passions are awakened to the handsome human male. An inter-dimensional union ensues which ultimately leads them into the euphoria of tantric sex.
Cable Denning’s earthly life includes many dastardly and comical entanglements, as well as romantic encounters with many beautiful women. Honey Combes, whom he helps to launch a successful musical career at a local supper club, becomes his fiancé. Coincidentally he meets the lovely Adora Moreno and a deep, tender and passionate love affair is born.
Always looking over his shoulder into the shadows of constant danger, and armed with his .38, a packet of Lucky Strikes and a hidden flask of gin, he hears a distant sax playing in his head as he walks the streets of L.A., escaping whenever possible into the smoky dives, searching out the sultry voice of an alluring songstress, as she pours out the heartbeat of the city through the Great American Songbook.

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