Louise Based In Part On Book Growing Up In Barbados
Louise Based In Part On Book Growing Up In Barbados
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The main part is in the island of Barbados. The latter part takes place in Boston, U.S.A.

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Growing Up In Barbados is set in the idyllic and beautiful island of Barbados in the mid nineteen fifties.
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Biracial young girl faces the trials & tribulations of standing out from those around her in Barbados, often drawing unwanted attentions that plummets her into a lifestyle of unsettling situations. Ultimately after soul searching there is much regret Is there a chance of happiness for her after all


Growing Up in Barbados is a coming of age tale. It is an adaption from the Book Growing Up In Barbados. The setting is in the exotic and beautiful island of Barbados. It addresses a variety of themes like poverty, abuse, sexuality, family, love and loss. Naomi is an impoverished woman who works extremely hard to support her five children, each fathered by a different man. Her days are filled with hot, backbreaking work in the sugar cane fields. Naomi dreams of a better life for herself and her children; one that doesn’t involve living in a tiny, ramshackle house and an endless struggle to feed and provide for her family. She sees the way that the wealthy, white sugar cane plantation Overseer, Mr. Marshall, lives and thinks that if he were attracted to her, all her problems would end. A situation arises which puts Naomi alone with Marshall and when a child is conceived, Naomi believes her life is about to change, but it is not to be. Marshall refuses to claim the child and disappears shortly after. The child, the protagonist, is beautiful from childhood, with light skin and long hair. Her uniqueness causes issues from childhood where she is subjected to bullying and ridicule by her peers. By the time she is eleven, she attracts her mother’s lover, a pedophile who slowly seduces the naïve child. Though she does well in school and attains excellent employment, her attitude towards men is so scarred by this devastating childhood encounter that she compulsively pursues relationships in which she offers sex in exchange for money and gifts. Several times she is impregnated by careless lovers and must have the pregnancies terminated, giving her a backlog of guilt. In her thirties, she finally meets a man who understands her and in whom she confides her past. He wishes to marry her, and they are able to live contentedly together until tragedy strikes. Is there a chance of happiness for her after all?

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  • Rihanna but is Optional
    Rihanna but is Optional as Louise
    Female 30's Years old
  • Geoffrey
    Male 45 Years old
  • Raymond (Ray)
    Male 40 Years old

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