Healing a Desperate Heart
Healing a Desperate Heart
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New Jersey, United States

Takes place in New Jersey and Texas.

Present Day

The past intersects the present.
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A medium brings word of an enduring connection between Susan and her first love. Days later, the former lover emails an apology. Past life recall, telepathy, emails, texts, and music keep the two engaged in a cyber relationship. Will Susan's marriage survive the ensuing emotional turmoil?


Every visit to the small town Susan and Brian lived, and loved in, brings back memories of her intense emotions, painful scenarios, and the abrupt ending of their relationship. Without closure, her heart retained an open wound that time has not healed. After many years, a chance reading with a medium brings in Brian’s deceased father through, who communicates, “It would be good if the two of you got together.” Days later Brian emails her, after 33 years apart, to apologize and ask for her forgiveness. In an instant the pain and emotions come rushing back as if it was yesterday.

Susan’s need for self-healing, answers to the questions she never got to ask, and a need to finally resolve this, catapults her into an all-consuming quest for closure. During their many years apart she has discovered her psychic gifts and become a medium. Well-versed in the power of past-life recall, she finds answers to their enduring connection in other lives they had shared. Email and texting are the modern modes of communication in this life, and Brian uses music to entertain Susan as he delivers messages of things unspoken. Brian’s constant attention throughout the process allows Susan to understand Brian better and have compassion.

Susan is challenged once again by Brian, as we near the climax and ending, by the sudden realization of his lies and deceit, revealing that he has never changed in all the many years they were apart. He is motivated by ego and a need for fantasy away from his life in small town Texas. She was motivated by her depth of emotion and a need to heal, both of which he never understood. Abruptly their relationship ends again, but now Susan has taken back the power Brian had over, and the taste of freedom is sweet.

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Cast Wish-List
  • Julia Roberts
    Julia Roberts as Susan
    Female 50 Years old
  • Matt Damon
    Matt Damon as Brian
    Male 50 Years old

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