High Desert
High Desert
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Ridgecrest, California, United States

Once prosperous horse ranch now deserted except for a small family.

Present Day

High desert of Southern California in the past 20 years.
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An escaped convict determined to flee, matches wits with his policewoman hostage who’s determined to stop him. That is, until they fall for each other.


Kate Franklin returns to the home of her childhood, a once prosperous ranch in the high desert, to rest and relax. Kate’s widowed aunt also welcomes Kate’s sister, and the sister’s children. Emotionally and physically exhausted, Kate doesn’t have time to unpack before escaped convicts take her family hostage at the isolated ranch. Battered and wounded from her fight with one of the convicts she’s had to kill, Kate can only stand by and watch as the other convicts terrorize her family.
Soon, a game of wits emerges between Kate and the convict leader, Mr. Smith, as they try to size each other up and keep an unsteady peace between the convicts and the women.
After Mr. Smith has made the arrangements for his escape he realizes that he has fallen for Kate and she for him. Kate still straddles the fence between doing her police duty and giving up all she’s known to go with him.
As Mr. Smith’s rescuers draw nearer, Kate makes one final attempt to thwart his escape. Her plan backfires when, shooting at a helicopter from the roof, Kate slips and falls. Kate dangles from the rain gutter of the three story building, the razor-sharp teeth of a plow awaiting her.
Mr. Smith, already safely aboard his escape helicopter, jumps to the roof to rescue Kate and his chopper leaves without him. But just as quickly as Mr. Smith saves Kate, he immediately uses her as a human shield. A police sharpshooter wounds him in the shoulder for an easy capture only to have Mr. Smith escape from the hospital.
A month later, while her family thinks she’s leaving for a long trip abroad, Mr. Smith arrives to escort his willing lover away.

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